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Vin III / Sonopet Surgery

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Hello ladies....


I was diagnosed with Vin III for the second time.  My first surgery was two years ago.   I was so devistated how could I get this, but I will never know so I need to focus on how to get rid of it.  My doctor wants to do surgery again, this time he wants to use a new instrument called Sonopet instead of laser surgery as last time.  I was wondering if anyone out there has had this surgery?  Can you please give me any info on this product and results?


Thank you in advance

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I haven't heard of this instrument, but I am hoping someone will respond to your question.  My VIN III surgery was three years ago.   I had thyroid cancer surgery 12 years ago.  It is really hard and scary to face this disease.  I hope you are getting good and loving support!  Take care and wishing you all the best!Smile

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Hi ladies,  I have just been told I have VIN III, the doctors feels sure it isn't cancerous but will know for sure once the surgery has been completed. I am very nervous on what to expcet, the doctor is like, let me handle it, doen't you worry at all about it.  He stated there is one area that needs attention, but it is the size of a quarter.  Almost 20 years ago I had to have a hysterectomy, most likely due to HPV, I am sure it most likely has returned to cause this. The weird thing is I have had little if any symptons.   I am a extremly private person, so this is not a subject I can discuss with my friends.  If anyone has any suggestion to help me prepare for the surgery and recovery I would be extremly grateful!   Thank you,

tini yogini
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Hey Zoe123, i am newly diagnosed also with VIN3/CIS. I have my first appt on monday with a gyn onc doctor. I have found several lists and posts on the two closed pages on Facebook that talk about what surgery aftercare will be like And what you should have on hand.It was really A great source of info.  I encourage you to go there. Request access.  Its really spooky but we keep smeelin the roses! .  

Here are a few items i remember.  Sitz bath, epsom salts, gauze pads, donut like pillow to sit on. like i said there are several complete posts on facebook and both groups are really great.  You're not alone.  Merry christmas!

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I too am in the same position as you.  I had CINIII 18 Years ago and now VINIII.  I had had the initial biopsy and was told they didn't get it all.  I then had a wide excision surgery on 12/19/2013 and was told last week they didn't get it all again.  I am now waiting to hear from the doctor what the next surgery will be.   What are they wanting to do with you?  If it's the same as what they bdid to me I can relate what I went through if you haven't done it yet and what to expect.   

I'm new to this site and looking for support like you are...seems there aren't too many people going through this and people don't understand it.  



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Hi guys! I'm new to this as well! I was initially told I have uterine ca and now I also have CIN, VIN, & VAIN!  I looked it up & I understand what the letters mean but what have you been told about it?



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