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I have decided to keep my buzz cut.  It's been a couple of months since my last chemo and my hair is slowly filling in.  It is quite sparse in the front.  I want to let it all fill in and then have my hairdresser buzz it.  Not having hair did not bother me initially or the second time.  I actually found it rather freeing.  I just feel like doing something different.  Having this disease takes so much away from us but I'll be damned if I let it take my spirit.  This is probably a passing fancy for me but whatever.  I usually wear my hair short anyway.  When it looks the way I want it I'll try to post a pic.  I have trouble with my new phone.  Who knows I may even dye it some outrageous color.  What's the worst they can say...the old lady's flipped her lid...literally.


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and dye it teal

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It's good to hear fom you. My hair grew back very thick on the sides and back and took months for the front to grow in...it is still thinner and finer in front. I have curly hair so it's somewhat disguised. Hope you can have fun with your hair! I'd love to see a photo so hope you figure out that phone.

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I didn't do a buzz cut but now wear it about 1 inch long and love it-the way it looks, how easy it is to care for,etc.  I get lots of complements.  If not for chemo, it would never have occured to me to try this.

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white peach fuzz in different lengths ..I have one hair that is three inches long and I ain't cutting it..lol. No hair anywhere else. Won't have to worry about shaving..goinh on vaca to Florida in Oct. Karen show us a pic of your do..val

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I still have a lot of dark hair.  But like you Val the white hairs seem to grow faster.   it's funny but in some strange way I think I want the world to know I've gone through something.  And it isn't that I want their pity I want them to know I have fought for my life and I am still here.  I am proud of that and of all of you.  I feel so connected to you ladies and am humbled.by your struggles and achievements.  I feel women with ovarian cancer are a special group and feel their is a deeper meaning to all of this.  I can't figure out what the hell it is at this point.  I do know that without the diagnosis I wouldn't know any of you.  I count that as a blessing.

Have a great vacation Val.  Cover your head.  Sorry that's the mom in me speaking.


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Just uploaded a new photo, taken a week ago. My hair is also growing out after my 2nd chemo. Gonna let it grow a little more, but -- through with blow dryers, all those hair products, Miss Clairol, etc. I'm almost 68 yrs old -- who did I think I was fooling with the hair dye? I'm happy to be here, happy to have been declared N.E.D. 10 days ago, & looking forward to the rest of my life!

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You look beautiful.  If my hair was all white i'd probably wear it like that but i'm not a fan of salt and pepper for me anyway.  Yes it is freeing since I kind of fought with my hair my whole life.


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I love the short and sassy haircut!  I don't have to use a blowdryer, curling iron, hairspray or any other hair products beyond shampoo.  Although it's been two and a half years since my chemo ended, the texture of my hair is still very soft and fine and not very thick.  It also seems to come out easily in my hand.  Before chemo, I had very thick, straight and coarse hair.

Good to hear from you, Karen.  I was wondering how you were doing.


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Loud, proud and grey!!!!  Beautiful!

Julie x

Rosamond M
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You ladies speaking of your hair

Reminds me that I ,too,am there.

Very frizzy and very short

That is mine I can report.

I've been told I've set quite a trend,

The colour? Well it's quite a blend

Of white,grey and a bit of black

But I'm really happy it's come back!




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