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Ankle swelling

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Any advice on keeping swelling down in ankles. This just started for George he is on Irinotecan, and Xeloda every 3 weeks.  He had it for about 3 days but gets his next infusion on Monday.  Dr. Already had him do ultra sound just too be sure no blood clot.





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The first obvious thing to do is not to sit or stand too much. Lay down and elevate the feet a little above the heart. Now, the medications and other health conditions can contribute to this, but you have to discuss those with your doctor. 

Take care and let us know how it goes.


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Drink fluids!   A lot of swelling is due to the body expanding its pumbing in order to get more blood supply.  When we are dehydrated, we do not have the liquid volume to fulfill the needs, and the body swells even more adding to the problem.


Water will sove a lot of problems of swelling and headaches. Manyy people believe they have Migranes, when thehave is chronic dehydration.  Drink a couple of liters of water every day for three days, and the headaches will go away.  Look at Dr. Peter Hacket's studies.


Best Always,  mike

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