Astrocytoma Grade II Questions

Near the end of July my aunt was diagnosed with an Astrocytoma Grade II right frontal lobe tumor. She had surgery but they couldn't remove all of it because the doctor said it would have left her blind if they had. At this point, radiation is being discussed. Immediately following surgery she had no short term memory at all and we all thought she should be improving but it seems like the opposite is happening. It's been a month and a half and her memory doesn't seem better at all and she has severe violent episodes and sometimes hallucinates.  She had an episode at the doctor's office itself and they hospitalized her. The latest is they were going to move her to a psych ward because the psych ward was "better equiped" for patients with this type of brain injury. Is any of this "normal?" My family is wondering if it IS medication-related- how long should it take to get it sorted out? Originally we were told it would take about 3 months for her brain to recover but being a month and a half in, we're not noticing anything and are getting nervous about what if this is "it.'


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    Astrocytoma Grade II

    Frontal lobe tumors can be very tricky, because that part of the brain effects personality.  Doctors can give you timeline estimates, but no two tumor patients are the same.  I am three months post op for having my own Grade II Astrocytoma removed, and I still tire very easily.  I also have mood swings and fits of rage.  Everyone's brain heals differently and some can "rewire" faster than others.  Give it some time and try to be patient with her.  It doesn't mean "This is it", it just means things are different for her now.  Keep telling her how much you love her and be there for her, that's really all you can do.