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2 more surgeries post lobectomy

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My Mom is in surgery right now (9/21/13). She had her lower left lung removed with stage 1 cancer on 9/9/13. Stage 1, that's the good news. But now things are going down hill and I have no one to turn to for answers. So, then there was too much fluid in lungs so they did a bronchoscopy to clear that. Now the drainage in her chest tubes won't go down and is milky. It turns milkly when she eats fatty foods, so they put her on clear liquids only. Now she is in surgery again to put clamps on the leakage sites. They took 19 enlarged nodes and that is where he thinks the leak is from. Oh, and he is pouring half and half cream in her during surgery to produce the leak so he can find it. Anyone heard of this?

Desparate to advocate for my mom.

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Get a second opinion if you can.  Also, check with the oncologists who monitor the cancergrace.org site.  

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