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Xeloda Pill and other Medication Disposal

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Hi, I have 42 Xelodas which will expire on Dec 10 that I have no use for.  Does anyone know how to safely dispose of this stuff aside from driving it to the nearest drop off which isn't so near?  Maybe the hospital would dispose of them for me?  One day when I'm home I'll remember to call them to ask.  I have so many bottles of medication that I have to dispose of and I know dumping them into the sink or toilet causes toxins in the water.

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Wonder if you could donate. Our church takes things to Haiti every year.

If not though...visiting nurse told us to dispose of pills add some liquid to the container and then seal and toss it in the trash...

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In my town, I've brought pills to the local police dept. - they keep them for the biannual official disposal.


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Nana b
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I have a whole bottle that I'm not using. I know they are expensive.  

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when I needed Xeloda and was waiting for prescription, received a free bottle from my onc, that another patient was no longer needing so onc gave them to me.  Then when Xeloda quit working for me, this past year I gave two full bottles to onc to pass on.  Someone will need them, nice idea you have of wanting to find proper way of disposal, too many people out in this world don't. :)

Winter Marie

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I'm going to call my oncologist now while it's daytime and I'm thinking about it and see if I can donate them.  That's a great idea.  I have so many other drugs too that are almost full bottles and unused.

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I returned everything to my local pharmacy so that they could help others that were uninsured or underinsured afford to get the meds they needed at little or no cost




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I would never even think that you can return medication.  I guess it's not like food.  Thanks for the tip!

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I know that my pharmacy will not take any meds back once they have been in the hands of another.  It would be a liability for them if somehow the meds were tainted in some way.

There are some physicians who do free clinics in under developed countries who will take the meds for use there.

Marie who loves kitties

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I donated all unopened medications, supplies, canned liquid for tube feedings & insulin to a local charity, St. Vincent De Paul clinic for underpriviledged the day following my husband's death. I took the opened medications to the local hospital. They were reluctant to take them until I mentioned that since the hospital perpetuated his final demise, they could be responsible for the destruction of the meds also.


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