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My husband is undergoing surgery right now; so far, it will be laparoscopic but that could change.

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Praying it all goes well...let us know how he does.

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Surgery was laparoscopic, took an hour and a half, nodes were clean, a bit of the adrenal removed along with the kidney. Surgeon was pleased and the tumor was a bit larger than a softball or as the surgeon described it "a Chicago softball". The pain took a while to get under control (much longer than the surgery).

taking dinner break and will stop briefly now that he is in his room. 

Will obviously know more when the pathology is done but for now, it is good news and the surgeon has an excellent reputation in kidney cancer surgery.


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It is a big relief to get that surgery behind you. Your husband will be fine after a week or so. Those first few days are tough. The pain medicine will make him constipated and no person on his right mind wants to be constipated a week following the surgery. Ask the doctor about that.




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Thanks for the advice about constipation and believe me, we are on it!!! when he had the spinal surgery in July, he came home after 5 days and 5 days after that, he was re admitted for 15 days for intestinal blockage.

lost close to 20 pounds and got behind on his cancer treatment; I have been obsessive about this since before this nephrectomy.

left him drifting on dilaudid and norco but they will have him walking in the morning. 

it is a relief to have this surgery behind us almost 3 months after his diagnosis.


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oh srbelle1 im glad to hear that the surgery of over with and now its onwards and upwards.......i'd say both of you are relieved.

eims x

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