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Another update for Dapsterd!

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Well family...the 4th brain surgery (mets fom lung )was not real bad..the 3rd one "i joked that the neorosurgeon took more off of the brain than he should have!". I still cant' talk or write well. may not ever---picture a stroke.

i wish everyone so well!... im well.....cat scan of primary lung and lymphs showed NED!  so im good there for 4 mo. or so...get mri of head on about 6 weeks.



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Your voice has been missed in many ways. So glad to hear that you are NED.  The issues resulting from the brain treatments suck but I suspect your daughters would rather have dad just as he is than missing you in the months and years ahead.  Will you be flying down to Florida this year or freezing with the rest of us?

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Thank you for the update, I am so happy your ned.  I am happy they removed the brain lesion too, and I pray for a clear MRI. 

Are you doing physical therapy to improve your speaking and writing?  I am sure you are doing whatever you can.  I hope with time the healing will show some good results.  I wish you well. Lori

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