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having first chemo tomorrow morning

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Allie A
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Hi,  I was diagnosed with triple negative stage 2B grade 3 breast cancer 15 days ago.  They are still waiting on the BRCA test results, but since it is aggressive and already moved into my lymph nodes, they are starting me on chemo tomorrow. in 8 weeks, i will have surgery.  By then I will decide to go with Lumpectomy or mastectomy. i am trying to stay strong, but really scared.  I also have Multiple Sclerosis and so worried about having a flare up because of emotional and physical stress.  Does anyone have both?


New Flower
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Wecome to the CSN community.

Good luck tomorrow. Let us know how it will go. Drink a lot of water


Sending you a big hug

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Good luck to you.  I just started chemo this past week myself, I don't have MS, I am a chronic migrainer and have been taken some of my rescue meds due to interaction or risk of platelet suppression.  The best advice I can give is to let ALL of your doctors know about your new diagnosis, not just oncology, so that they can work with you for the best treatment for both conditions.

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I have not done chemo , so no advice but wanted to say thinking fo you..


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I hope it won't be too bad. I will be thinking of you. And welcome to the board!


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Good thoughts and prayers coming your way.


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So glad you are on tjis site. I got great info from everyone. My 2 cents is to drink lots of water, I too used ice and biotene, but the main one is to take the antinausea b4 you start chemo. Still didnt feel like a million bucks , but without it I was so nauseated.
Hoping for the best and that it shrinks tue tumors.

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Hi Allie

I hope you are doing well. My oncology nurse told me that the first and the last chemo infusions are the worst. So just think of it, by now you've gone through half of the worst. I hope the day was uneventful. Take Carol's advice and take the anti nausea meds before you feel sick. Try to  drink lots of water. Please check in and let us know how it went and how you are doing. Love Surf

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Good luck and blessings to you.  My advice, ask your medicial team for all their advice on dealing with chemo, before, during and after infusions.  I was absolutely terrified the first time....



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Please update us when possible ...  Any questions - Did you Oncologist and his/her staff provide you with tip's, information, research - possible side efforts?



Vicki Sam

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Double Whammy
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Hope your first chemo went without a problem.  Elthia's advice about letting all of your docs (oncology and neurology) know what's going on with you is great.  I found that docs don't pick up the phone and talk to each other like they used to and the oness sort of falls on us to let the right hand know what the left is doing.  If your entire health care team is within the same medical group and they have electronic medical records, then all aspects of your care will have easy access.  I find when I visit one doc for one thing (I had 2 primary cancers at the same time), they may not have given me a thought between visits, but when the come in the room they are well versed about everything I've been doing medically because they will have reviewed my chart, even if it was cursory.  My oncologist might comment on a visit to my pcp or other specialist.  It sort of makes me feel well cared for overall. 

I don't recall anyone else on this board who also has MS, but we certainly can offer support as you go through your breast cancer journey.    

Good luck to you. 


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