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Rituxan only Treatment

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My 85 year old grandmother was recently diagnosed with Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma.  She is elderly and weak so chemo is out of the question.  We were given the option of Rituxan only treatment. Although the side effects are very different then with chemo and seemingly less severe we are still very concerned about them.  I was hoping for some feedback from anyone who has had Retuxan only treatment about the side effects.  What you experienced, how bad they were and how the risks were presented to you when you were given this option.  We are well aware that this will not be a full cure for her but the risks and side effects have been explained to us by multiple doctors who all make them sound so different I would like some information from People who have actually been through it before making a final decision. 


Thank you so much, Jillian

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I have had Rituxan only for nearly two years.   I have Rituxan one day, 4 weeks in a row every 6 months.

The last Rituxan infusions will be in November of this year. 

Have been doing very well thus far.  I guess the oncologist will make a decision in November re the future.

I have mild B Cell, Lymphoma Non-Hodgkins, stage 4/


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