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Hello Everyone,




l had my Cat Scan done Tuesday and they called me to let me know it was ok.  In those words. But I see the Oncologist on Tuesday. I am going to talk to him about fever spiking now and then of late. So I dont know what to make of that.

I have not posted in a while, I have FNHL stage 4  with bone marrow involvment, have been in remission since dec of 09. I hope you all are doing well. Hilde

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It must be nerve shattering.  I know that as long as things are going good, we do fine, but the least little thing unnerves us, like a fever. I hope it will all be fine, please let us know what you find out.  Thinking positive thoughts for you.  Becky

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I am glad your scan turn out good. I also want to wish you a good appointment on Tuesday with your oncologist. May you get the answers you are looking for and a clean bill of health.

Big hugs to you,



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Hello Hilde,

Glad to hear of your scan results, that is very good. I know that the Docs say that you can not be cured of FNHL but, I have always said to myself and my onc that I will be the first. The important thing is to say it and believe it. Always think positive! You know the phrase "mind over matter", the brain is your most powerful weapon for defending against many ailments. Find things to keep you busy, as physical as possible, avoid as many processed foods and red meat as you can and if you can't quit sugar, cut back. There have been alot of illnesses going around to attribute the fevers to, which can lower your wbc so be mindful of that. So, since you have been "C" free since '09, stop worrying! Enjoy life!

I am doing very well and have been N.E.D. since '08, started Rituxan treatment in May, had Zevalin in June, declared N.E.D. in August. Completed 5 years of Rituxan maint. this past Feb. and suppose to see my onc and ct scan in Dec.. Always thinking and hoping the best for you as well as everyone else on the board.

Stay strong and positive,


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Hi Donald

I am so happy that yu are doing so well. I am on my first year of waiting for a scan for a year. But will see the oncologist in March, 31. I am always happy to read your lovely letter. It give me confidence .  I have other issues and trying to decide what to do about them. I had this radiation in 04 on my neck and face.

Well, I do have acid reflux and watching what I am eating. I need to loose a bit of weight so I am working on that. I have had an egd last february. And all it showed was the acid reflux. But I have pain in the upper middle chest and feel it when I breath. So I can not seem to get to the bottom of this. It is with me every day. I dont even know which dr to see with this. No one seems to know. Tomorrow I am going to start with my Primary care physician. And explain this again. It also feels funny with my sinuses too. I dont know if it all hangs together. Naturally you think about the cancer being there. Well Donald thanks for you note and hope you continue to well. Hilde

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