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Well, tomorrow is the big day to meet with the doctor to discuss if there may be mets to the lungs. I had the scan 3 weeks ago, so I am thinking it must be ok, or they wouod have called. I don't want any more cancer. Twice was enough. I know I have asked for prayers before, but I am asking again. My meeting is at 10:30. I have been very emotional the last 2 days, which is not like me. I am weary and just want to get well again. Thanks.


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Will "super-size" prayers for a good report for you!

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Your weariness is certainly understandable.  I cannot imagine having to wait 3 weeks for scan results.  I don't want you to have anymore cancer either and I hope that since you haven't been contacted before now that the news will all be good.  You asked for prayers, you got 'em.  Please let us know what you find out.

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I wish you all the very best for tomorrow. The waiting is horrendous isn't it?  I will be thinking of you.

Best wishes from across the pond & a big virtual hug.


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Super sized prayers from here too.  


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also, praying from here....sephie

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Prayers are in motion, will do some more later and in the am as well, wishing you all the best tomorrow for good news and peace, will check back tomorrow then away for a wedding in Va


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...all the way. Praying for great news.


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Prayers from here too. My experience has been when there's no bad news you don't get called, so that's a positive sign.....

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