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Whoa! Before and after cancer.

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The top xray is from 12/18/12 and it's when the oral surgeon said "Girl...you have a pretty big tumor in your jaw", and that was the first I knew of it...

The bottom is from this morning right before he pulled the broken top molar 9/18/13 with my metal plate.  Today was the first day I saw how it looks in there.  Amazing! 


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You look like your new jaw bone might have a few cavities that need addressed..., LOL.

That's a pretty cool panaromic for sure...


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That must have sent you weak kneed to see the tumors so clearly in the jawbone! Amazing what medical science can do these days to not only restore your jaw but of course rip the cancer from your body. 

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That's pretty cool actually! Science or Wierd Science if you please ;)


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just look'n at it makes my mouth hurt...lol.  i'm so glad its over and u didn't feel any pain.


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up on the huge screen that they put it on almost freaked me out!  Then seeing the old one with the tumor really brought back some harsh memories.  It was almost a year ago I sat there being told I had a tumor and I needed a biopsy asap.  In some ways it has gone by really fast and in others it's been a long, slow year.  Amazing how things change just from one day to another! 

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Time is, indeed, relative. I can't believe everything that has happened in the last week; the past 3 years seem like they've happened to someone else. 

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Wow Tracy! The things science can do! It seems like you are doing well.  I'm glad to hear/see that! :)

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