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Base of tongue Cancer-Tongue Pain

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Good morning,

Did anyone have any tongue pain prior to getting diagnosed with BOT cancer?  It seems most of you had other symptoms or enlarged lymph nodes, so just curious to see if anyone had tongue pain at the base of any kind.

Thank you,


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Some have quite a bit of pain.  It depends on so many things.  Like whether the tumor is ulcerated.  Or whether it directly involves sensory nerves.   There isn't a one-size-fits-all for this, or for many things surrounding our cancers.     I can really say i never had any significant pain with any of my three cancers.  They were just there.  My little buddies, waiting to be treated:)



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Are most of these tumors seen with flex scope from ENT and on CT scans? 

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For me, no tongue pain before, during or after, I guess mine dodged the nerves to stay stealth (which it did).

Now rads caused some throat, tongue and mouth pain and magic mouth wash worked to relieve those pain issues.

Keep your team informed; they will have suggestions to help.


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