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Coborns recheck today

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Well I go back in this morning to my first medical oncologist.  The Drs. at the University of Mn. were so accommedating in helping facillitate this for me.  Some family members are confused on my choices....I giggle and say welcome to the party guys !   Please excuse my spelling and wording as some days it's harder to formulate what I want to say.  I have some questions to ask today that I'm not sure I want the answers to.  But....that's who I am.  FAITH and HOPE have brought me this far.  I have been trying to get to a point of acceptance with my breathing.  Without more biopsies the answers are unclear.  I have made a choice not to do anymore surgeries on them.....and rads ?  Man knowing I have only a small amount left...probably never gonna happen.  So why am I going back to the cancer center ?  I fought with myself on this one.  I made a choice to track my disease because of it's rareness.  And to go into uncharted waters....many have done wonderful with.  I think my body has many issues other than my cancer dx.  So again I say to the newbee's on site....everyone one is different.  My path is not your path. 

Most days I sleep after a few activities.  My body is so worn down.  I try my hardest not to give into this pattern....but for today it is what it is.  I still come to this site to rejoice in all the great outcomes and to cheer on the people struggling.  Know that I still laugh and joke, and am living every minute of every day.   Many hugs sent out to all....and HOPE and FAITH are still our greatest strenghth !  Katie  

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~...~~ HOPE, FAITH, BELIEVE & LOVE ~~...~


Thoughts and Prayers always,


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Thank you for the smile my friend !  I love butterflies.....actually collect a few.  Katie

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katie, u r such an awesome lady!  and stronger than anyone i know.  i'm so glad u have ur faith to help u thru this.  plus we r all in the background cheering 4 u.  you r n our thoughts and prayers!

God bless you.


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jim and i
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You are such an inspiration. Willing to track your disease for others knowledge shows how special you are. I love watching real butterflies flit from flower to flower. I just started a new quilt of butterflies. Know that I will be praying for you as I sew and quilt this new project.


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You're my hero.  Your attitude is amazing and you inspire all of us!  Keep up the fight! Laughing

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you ARE an inspiration to so many of us here....a fighter to the core.  I'm so very curious what these unchartered waters are you are going into....my hope and prayer is that the Oncologist sees things your way!!

You are the very essence of hope and faith....everybody here is so lucky to know you.


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I'm going to PM you as I can explain better.  You could maybe answer a few questions for me as you walked your Mother through some of it.  Hugs sent !  Katie

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Keeping on Katie! You are an inspiration and the definition of hope, faith and positive attitude!


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Dear Katie,

Amongst us here you stand out as the beacon, guiding our way through this horrible disease we fight with the greatest of might and effort. As our beacon in and out of our safe little harbor here, you have shown us all the true meaing of hope and faith. We can only aspire and hold fast to our core values through thick and thin as you have shown us. God Bless you that your journey continues to be guided by hope and faith. don

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I'm an eight year survivor of tonsil cancer. I volunteer one day a week at the Coborn Cancer Center. I would welcome the opportunity to meet and visit with you in person. As others have commented you are a true inspiration to this site and all who use it.

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One of the main reasons that I started the H&N Where Are You map....

So as to meet others near, and offer support or just another that has or is fighting the same battle that only you understand...


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Love your spirit, it's inspiring :-)

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I would love to meet up with you !  Next appointment time will be in Oct.  I will PM you to see if we can make this happen.  I am so inspired by your words....and maybe can get some ideas to help at our clinic as a volunteer also !  Thank you !  Katie

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Remember when you pulled me off the dog pile on Johnny, the newbie H&N patient who would not give up drinking and smoking? I do.

Remember when I figured out you set a land speed record getting to the doctor and half of it on gravel road?  I do.

Use your faith and hope wisely, we love you around here.


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Remember, we "Never Ever Give Up". You are in my heart.



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Ditto to everything said above - you are a definite inspiration!!!

Best to you!


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Thank you all for your kind words.  I'm nothing special....just a woman walking a walk I have no choice in.  I think attitude and not feeling sorry for myself is helping.  Not that I haven't shed a tear or three in the past couple of yrs.  You have all become such a big part of my life, and in my eyes I couldn't have found a better place to share and encourage.  Hugs sent to all my fellow warriors !  Katie

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