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Feeling left out

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feelingIt feeling left out; could be my paranoia or my posts aren't coming through. 

My husband iis having a nephrectomy this Friday; the surgeon is guessing from the MRI that it's probably a grade 3 since it has spread to two spots on thso spine. The lumbar met was surgically removed ana titanium was used as fusion. The thoracic met is small and received 5 rounds of cyber radiation.

The pathology on the lumbar confirms it was renal cancer; it also describes it as clear cell renal.

he has lost a lot of weight from the loss of appetite that the cyber treatments caused and weight loss from a 15 day partial intestinal blockage.

this week he felt more energetic and he is again eating high calorie food with his appetite restored.

what can we expect from this upcoming surgery? The surgeon will do a laparoscopic  with a 20% chance of having to do an open surgery.


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Gordon Charles
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Sarah:   Seems like a lot has been going on in your life...folks far wiser than me will add their comments soon.  I was wondering why the mets were addressed first and then the tumor?  As far as the surgery, just take it a day at a time and wait for the pathology report.  More later....


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The spine was dealt with first after the team went back and forth with discussions; the concern was that there would be compression and paralysis because of the bone fractures.

i have been second-guessing this lately since the primary was left to continue growing.

thanks for responding, Sarah

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of a guy who developed complications of fractures in both femurs and one shoulder. These had to be rodded to avoid further problems.  A year and a half later, they still haven't removed his primary tumor. He has been doing well with nivolmab. (MDX-1106). He didn't know of his cancer until the orthopedic problems developed. Spinal mets need attention quickly. The primary tumor will be addressed after. Solid and acceptable plan.

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First of all, it is heartening to hear your news despite the not-so-pleasant treatment. 

it is also good to see my husband's plan be reasonable since lately I have wondered why the primary is still there. He had a lot of fear about the compression of his spine but at the time, it was contemplated the nephrectomy would be done sooner and would have been but for the intestinal detour and when the docs felt the nephrectomy immediately following was not a good idea, I pushed for the radiation treatments which were done.

i had 2 c-sections within 3 years and the pain was excruciating for the first 24 hours and then eased. The pain experience I have been reading about here is different from the surgeons describing it as less than a c- section. Since the surgeons have no direct experience with either surgery, I put more faith in what I am reading here. My major concern is another obstruction so I have demanded that he remain in the hospital until he does not require narcotics. Those 15 days of obstruction was HELL.

thanks for responding and good luck with your treatments; will be following closely.


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I have been reading more and more lately of the primary being dealt with at a later time!  As long as there is a plan, and it is being followed and successful, that is the main thing. Take one day at a time.  THey have to take care of the more important issues first, which is what they did. Thankfully he is doing better with the obstruction, that is no fun! You sound like you are an excellent care giver and I am sure he is glad to have you in his corner! Keep the chin up! We are here if you need us!  Please keep us posted and our prayers will be constant for you both. :)


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