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Easy, peasy. . .

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After IMRT, Cyberknife was easy, peasy.  5 days, 40 minutes each time, much quieter.  Meds administered after--steroid and anti-nausea.  Saturday was good, I had a pedi with my sister!  Sunday was not so good, headache, pain. . .  I know that I will have it tomorrow or Thursday because of the steroid.  Shouldn't have sores in my mouth, shouldn't have burnt skin.  Do have a little pain in throat and right side of neck, those beams needed to come out somewhere!  I tried to keep up on my husband's Kindle but it is not user friendly with me.

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...and how interesting about the Cyberknife.....you and Candi are the high tech girls here when it comes to rads.  Sorry you don't feel totally good....but I know it's way better than 7 weeks of IMRT....so I'll bet there's still a skip in your step even with a headache.


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that you've had a headache and pain, but I'm so happy it was much easier on you! My Kindle isn't user friendly with me, either :)  Glad to hear from you!!

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Sound a Lot better vs IMRT. Way to be strong, and an inspiration to us all.


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Thanks for the schooling on the Cyberknife teach, I’ll consider that something learned today.

Was the pedi something I should have done with rads, because I did not know and I do have a sis (or three).

I am glad the treatment wasn’t too stressful and that the duration is so quick. Keep on getting better and may your headache go away.


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Yes Matt, your sister's would love to have a pedi with you!  It's a pedicure, but I think that you know that.  Since my eye surgery last November I don't trust my one eye vision to trim those tootsies, so I do like to go for a pedicure once in awhile.

Headache is less than what I was dealing with for the last few months.  Nerve pain on cheek is also less daily, will start cutting back on meds. slowly.

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bev, glad tx is over and that it wasn't too rough.  happy that the pain is less than what it has been and praying for it to b completely gone.  pedis r nice.  u deserve one.  they help relax u 4 a while  Laughing  so enjoy them.  hope u r feeling better real soon!


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Did they give you anything to help with those headaches ?  Those steroids are rough on a body.  I will be following your post with much interest, as Candi's.....thank you for sharing your experiences through out.  Many hugs sent your direction !  Katie  

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an inspiration to me, if anyone deserves less pain, it's you...praying that your headache and the pain in your cheek disappear forever..here's to health

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Glad to hear from you. I have been thinking of you and hoping it was going to go as easy as mine did. I think today is 3 weeks out for me, I lose track of time. I didn't get any meds with mine, no steroids no anti-nausea. I didn't experience any nausea. Was back to work immediately. The very slight sore throat on one side is gone, no signs of burning on neck. MMW helped me through a couple of days with some burning sensation but otherwise no side effects.  I know this is only for isolated tumors at this time but pray it will lead to an easier replacement for IMRT. 

God Bless!

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jim and i
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Praying all goes well.

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