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PET Results....

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A scare and anxiety for a few hours, but ended well....

Got my report, and the MD writing the report didn't give me an all clear...

He actually wrote;


There is a new small area of hypermetabolic activity within the infratonsillar region of the pharynx as described (another area of the report). This has an undetermined appearance. The possibility of developing small metastatic lesion in this region is not excluded. Recommend direct visualization by ENT exam."

Well if that isn't enough to give you an Ole'S.hit moment... So in other words, he's covering his butt by saying he thinks he sees something new, but I'm not saying it's cancer. but I'm not excluding it either...hmmmphf....

So off to see my ENT and luckily he got me in, checked the report and scan images, along with a scope down the nostrils and a big EEEEE.

All looks good, nothing concerns him....

He has always told me the scans are just tools, he's the expert... I trust him totally....

He suggested that the MD's that read and summarize the scans aren't all experienced in H&N, so they can tend to interpret results differently than he or another H&N MD would.


Now I gotta excuse myself while I go change my shorts...


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Well OK, this stuff makes me nervous.  I am glad for the second review and the results.

You made me get sick to my stomach (for a second)

Enjoy you day,


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I was near changing mine as I read your post.



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I started feeling a little sick reading this...then it turned around!  :)  WOOHOO for ENTs!!!  So glad you were able to see the expert and he's not concerned with anything.  

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Yep and that is something we all need to remember, the people reading the scan don’t have the last word. I am like you I trust my ENT, she is the best doctor I found in a very long time and I have faith in what she does. Not to say she is very nice looking aswell.  


Glad for you my friend


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What a scare we all just had, not to mention how it was for you! I'm so glad all is well and that the ENT quickly cleared up the doubt.



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so I knew this story had a good ending...  Congrats John, on another NED in your pocket!!! 


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Quit School...why fake it....  

Like P... I saw thngs were good but that had to be an "Oh Sh^$" moment... literally!

Glad to hear the good news!



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How often are you getting the CT/PET scans?  My ENT has told me many times he can find a problem and the scans are more problematic than most people realize.  I actually get scoped by my RO in addition to my ENT.  I suppose if we look for potential problems enough we will find them.  

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john, after that huge scare i'm dancing around the kitchen for the good news.  i hope u did a dance as well.  use shout on ur shorts and u'll never b able to tell u had an "oh chit" moment, lol.  seriously, sorry about the scare and praising God for the ENT report!!


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Easy lesson - we are not licensed ENT so we can really not accurately interpret reading these usually opaque reports. For certain best left to the professional to read and interpret for us and give us the English translation.

I know when I read my read my reports fresh off the printer ahead of the doctors, I ALWAYS tell myself that if it reads scary, not to get upset but ring the doctor fast and tell them to translate. My last one was quite clear to read and understand so that is ok but still might not be good if you read something as good and doctor translates as something not so good.

Even though I have read every report on my own, the better way is to let it filter through your doctor, if you can stand the wait. Embarassed

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Actually my ENT is not a fan of too many scans... This one was oredered by my onco... She is still on the CT at six months and a PET at twelve..., now going into year five post Tx... January 2009 when I was Dx, and June 2009 finished up Tx.

I haven't had any questionable scans that I couldn't decipher myself up to this one... And this one left no doubt that the reading MD thought he saw changes... , or he did, but nothing that concerned my ENT. My ENT whom has been very hands on since his intial Dx that started this ball rolling..

In reality, though I was having some anxiety trying to set in, I was actually pretty certain that it would be OK. My ENT still scopes me every few months, every six months this last scan, so he just gave me the all clear four months ago.

So until I got in and saw him, I was pretty sure I was OK..., but you still have a few doubts.

And we all know, it's not something until they tell you it is...


Thanks for all of the thoughts, prayers and well wishes...


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I usually have false positive not negative.  It's not until my surgeon looks at the scans that something is seen!  But then again, I put the ABI in abi-normal!

Glad you were able to get to the ENT sooner rather than later, it's the waiting that gets us.

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Glad you got in to see that ENT as quick as you did to give you peace of mind! Kreg's ENT always told him that through her scopes she does regularly (6-8 wks) she would be the first to see something before a scan would. But, she also enforces him to still do regular checks to his neck himself.

It's all good Bro....I have faith. 


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nice eye's your ent has

btw, i don't save my shorts when they are dirtied like yours

amazing how quickly we depend on a scan when the ultimate certainty is results from biopsy

still the anxiety takes hold and brings us to bent knee's.... why because our shorts are full...... Laughing

sleep well


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A visual with human eyes are the best. News sounds great, no go drink a Corona and fish!!

Good for u my friend


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I am so glad your roller coaster ride ended well.  Wishing you many more years of NED!


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This stuff is SCARY, isn't it? I've had a couple such incidents so far in this odyssey that I'm on. I get a scan and someone sees something in it, and says something about it ("area of activity" that "needs to be watched" or what have you) that SCARES me to DEATH. And then in the end...my doctor tells me it's nothing and she's not in the least concerned about it. And then I can exhale. It's like being dangled over a cliff and then pulled back again.

I'm so happy for you that it turned out to be nothing. That is always a such a relief.

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I have all my reports.  (written)  And no I'm not a MD.....no white coat.  But still it's nice to have someone you trust with your life (literally) explain the why's and how comes.  I'm so happy to hear your in the clear my friend !  A bottle of cold beer on me, and some fishing time for you is my RX.  Hugs sent !  Katie

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I'm gonna have to put you in a time out if you ever do this again~~whoa, my heart was thumping for a few seconds..awesome, that all is well!!

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Was worried there for a minute but glad to hear that all was resolved! 



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Glad you got the all clear,I can't even imagine what i would do if I was told that.But glad to see your all clear 

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............are the fish!  Congrats Big Man!


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Hey Big Boy, glad to hear that all is good in Florida.  Had a scare myself for a return of the big C, but turns out to be ORN and issues that I can handle. 

I'm always glad when a friend gets the "all clear" statement.  Keep up the good work here and keep enjoyin life.

Best to you and yours,


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Hooray for the good news when you got scoped! :-)

I'm still in the "let's keep an eye on this" phase from the hot spot on my last PET. In a month and a half, I go back for the second follow-up and probably another PET.

The whole thing has made me wax philosophical about the concept of "living with uncertainty" because even when your doctor says, "The odds of it being cancer are almost zero" you still have that little voice in the back of your head, right?

So keep telling that little voice that the guy who's the expert says it's all fine. And congrats! :-)

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dear John,

i held my breath while reading your post but in the end you made me laugh. Thank goodness alls well.  

So glad to hear good news.


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You all are the best...., it means a lot knowing that you all have me covered...


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So glad you didn't have to sleep on the preliminary report and got in to get the official word. Happy it worked out for you the way it did and best of all for the good results :-)

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jim and i
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You sure have a great ENT to get you in right away and to relieve your fears. Thanking God all is well.


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Next time, please make the leading line " I am okay but..."

Gee whiz.  I almost turned off the computer rather than finish reading something I didn't want to hear!

Glad everything turned out well, John.

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D Lewis
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I guess all's well that ends well. Sorry to hear that the scan results were concerning. Happy to hear that the ENT found no evidence.  Scanxiety sucks.


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Jan Trinks
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I was scared too when I read the first part as haven't been on in a couple of weeks; but oh so glad everything turned out well!  Whew!  That's like my best friend's husband a couple of weeks ago right before Labor day.  Follow up ct scan showed spot on lung with minute growth since ct scan in May so ordered a needle biopsy however they got him ready for it and the pulmonologist doing it said,  "wait a minute when he read it and then compared the two scans and apparently when they read the Aug. scan they misread the parameters so he was fine and didn't need biopsy after all and follow up pet was good too.  So he's released for 3 months.  Glad you're doing well.


Jan (Basketcase)

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You have given me and so many others so much support. What a great attitude on your own PET results! You are too positive not to beat this crap. 

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Ruben and Jude
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My heart sank when i began reading your post; and immediately lightened as i read on.  Thank God your results are good. You restored my faith in good things happen to those who deserve it!

God's continued blessings on you.


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