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Still Clean

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Saw my ENT/Surgeon today at nearly 5 months post treatment. Scoped, poked and prodded. All looks great! No concerns. Next appointment in November. Off the narcs, still healing and coming along nicely.


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I'll smoke one of thsoe imaginary cigars you dream of these days....


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Outstanding bud...

Enjoy those beers you found you can drink.


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Hi T,

One good tongue pull deserves another.  The results are in and they are joyfully satisfying.

Great news!


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news!!!  Celebrate and enjoy your day :)

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Glad to hear the good report, you are now like Mr Clean on the inside aswell



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Hope you and Marcia are doing well. Keep on making that beautiful music.



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"Oh what a relief it is " ! I'm so happy you are healing and not pealing now ! Lol I am learning from Matt and John !!! All kidding aside congratulations !

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I remember when you began treatment because i had just started recovery - time went fast - funny how sometimes time dont seem to move then in retrospect all of a sudden time went by quickly. i am now more than 9 months post treatment. continued good checkups are wished your way

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T, that's awesome!  i'm always happy 2 hear good news.  thx 4 sharing.


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Absolutely bloody marvelous, time to practice scales and chords

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Mr Clean!!!

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great news with all the good looks and being off the narcs

may each day continue to be better


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Great news buddy, I'm happy for you .



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I am very happy for you, T.  Getting off the narcs didn't seem to take too long.  It seems like just a short time ago you talked about trying to stop them cold turkey.  I am thrilled to hear all of your good news!


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but I just never had the chance to tell you before you went to the Dr.  I like going to the ENT between scans....makes me feel like someone is looking out for me, and I always leave with my relief "refreshed", if you know what I mean.

So......WONDERFUL!!! Laughing 


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Unless they see/feel something that raises a red flag or I have any symptoms pointing in the wrong direction, I won't be scanned again. Scoped yes, scanned no. They said maybe a chest x ray once a year. In fact, I won't see my ENT again until February. He and my RO are going to take turns seeing me every three months so it will be 6 months between seeing them. I'll see my MO and SLP every three for now. 

But yes, even though it was a month from the last check, it was great to hear the all clear and looks good. The last month since the scan has shown many improvements both physical and mental. I still have a way to go but I'm a far cry ahead of where I've been :)

Thank you and everyone for your kind words and encouragement. 



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Great news. Onwards and upwards.

Happy Healing

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I'm smiling as I'm seeing all the all clears !  You've shared so many things with us....continued NED forever and a day my friend !  Hugs sent !  Katie

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"T", those 5 months went fast..I'm coming up November 2, on 2 years.Time in a bottle~~

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Good news....these checkups can bring a little anxiety prior to going...but it's so nice to walk out with that peace of mind each time. Keep moving along with life....it's beautiful! Laughing


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T = Terrific News.....

My Best to You and Everyone Here

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Just wanted to say thank you to everyone for your kind words and encouragement. You've all been a great help from the very first time I posted here.

Everything is good. Contrary to going for the PET scan, I wasn't nervous in the least with this appointment. Even with the PET scan, I didn't suffer from scanxiety too badly. Just a few night before jitters and a little anxious waiting to get the prelim report which came a couple of hours afterwards. My team is very confident they eradicated Jack from my body and that helps me on the mental side of things. While none of us can predict the future, I've reached a very good place with my cancer and the "boogie man" in the closet doesn't frighten me. I know he's there but we get along just fine ;)

As I stated in a previous post, the last month after the scan has shown marked improvement in physical and mental recovery. I still have a way to go before I reach the new normal but it appears the "two steps forward, one step back" phase of recovery has ended. Starting to work on my music again and working the vocals. The timbre of my voice has changed a bit due to physical changes to my oral cavity and I'm still healing but all looks fine for a full recovery and a return to performance by next year...maybe sooner. 

Blood work looks great and red and white blood cell counts are nearly normal. I still have lingering side effects and that's to be expected but considering what the alternative could have been, I'm in great shape ;)

Positive thoughts and prayers to all... and always


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T, ur attitude is awesome!!  i'm so glad u r do'n so well and will b get'n back 2 ur music and singing!  u give everyone hope.  take care.


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So glad to hear the news!! YAHOOOO!!!!!


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in my mind that you would pass with flying colors congratulations to you,hope all in the future are that way

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Way to go T!  Great news!


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