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Dexys Midnight Runners....

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Come on Eileen!  Wow, now I know why they called themselves that... new onco (gorgeous and young) prescribed them last week, MAN, My house has never been so clean.. even thinking of tackling the garden!  I have been 'randomised' for the cyber-knife clinical trial and I will be having the real deal... woohoooooo lucky me eh?  Smile


Rant over.  May be back after midnight acting TOTALLY MANIC! 

Hugs to all Tash xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

New Flower
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Hopefully cyber-knife will cut the nasty stuff out. how many session? is it just one cut-treatment?

Good luck

Hugs back 

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Wonderful that you have a plan in place - and a good looking Oncologist to boot!   Interested in the 'cyber-knife' treatment plan - and what it all entails.


My thoughts and prayers are with you, Tash!


Vicki Sam



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I would only think you were manic if you were wearing oversized capri length overalls and a bandana. Toora loora toora loo rye ay. Love Surf

P.S. That song brings back so many memories.

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