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Laz's Wedding.

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Thank you so much for all your well wishes. I read every one of them with joy and told my bride about how nice this community is. 

The wedding day was beautiful. We had 10 guest and we did everything ourselves. The only sad thing was that my ex let my daughter stay for only two hours so she couldn't even stay for the ceremony and lunch. But it was still very nice since the rest of the guests were so loving. 

I built a little tent that the girls tore it down saying they can do better, but they got stock so I ended up doing it twice, but it came out good. The ceremony was short and sweet, except I didn't find my ring so I had to run and get a cheapo. 

We had the Hungarian chicken soup with hand made noodles. Then we went to have some pictures taken at the Mission's Rose Garden and the beach. My wife is very beatiful so at one time like a dozen foreign tourists were taking pictures of us and we felt very special. (well, I'm not bad looking either lol). When we got back we had salmon and veggies, rice, orange chocolate cake and champagne. Everything was delicious. We danced and sang a little and talked a lot and the guests left around 8. 

Today reality came back from the dream world. I had an MRI to see how much my tumor shrank and a CT to make sure that I still don't have mets in the lungs and the liver. This week and next week I have four consultations with different surgeons. My tumor is very close to the spinchter and the only question is if it can be saved or I need colostomy. So please keep me in your thoughts, because the hardest part of my treatment coming up and I need a lot of support and luck.


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It would be lovely if you could post at least one picture in this thread. We'd love to see you and your beautiful bride.

When do you get the results of your tests?  You can be assured, we're all prayig and sending good vibes. 

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You've got both of them from me.  Glad that everything went well and it turned out great.  Good luck on the upcoming results of your tests.  It's a good thing you have several consultations just so that you can get a different perspective.  Congratulations again.


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Hi Laz,

Congrats. Wish you good luck on your treatment. Stay positive. You are in my prayers so as everyone who is battling out to be on the winning line from this dreadful decease. 


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congrats again!

Good luck on the scans, hope all is well.  Keep us posted~AA

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Very pleased to hear your day was as beautiful as hoped!  Lots of postive energy sent for your upcoming treatments.  Fingers crossed for good scan results!!!

Keeping you in prayers as well!

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Thanks for sharing your beautiful wedding picture.

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