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don't know what to title this

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I will make this as short as possible. I went for my second opinion last Tues.

The first clinic I went to did not send the imaging to the second clinic in time for the appointment.

The 2nd clinic discussed my symptoms and finding of the first clinic's written radiology report of tvultrasounds.

She said that I feel pain where my mass is, is a good sign that it is not cancerous. (Has anyone else been told this?)

She said this type of mass is common and most likely not cancerous and that they would recommend removing it and won't know if they can save ovary or not until they are in there. She said they take precautions to not burst anything while removing it.  That they'd send it to pathology but again assured me was most probably benign.   This is by a regular gyno b/c I can't get the referral to see a gyn/onc w/out being already diagnosed w/ cancer.

Ok, surgery scheduled Oct 11.

Friday she called back, she had looked at imaging that finally arrived from first clinic. She said it's imperative I have the mass removed sooner than later and that the first clinic really down played what is going on in their written report. She said the mass is very entwined in the ovary and there is no way to not remove the ovary and that it does look suspicious.She wants me to have surgery next week.

In all of this, I was told don't get the mri the first clinic ordered so I didn't but I have not been given a scan other than tvultasounds. So basically I don't know if it's cancerous or not. I'm in the maybe section yet.

I was a bit stunned by the call on Friday b/c I was feeling a little more hopeful after she reassured me so much on Tues.

I spent the weekend thinking about what I should do. When I thought it was more likely benign I felt more comfortable w/ a reg. gyno doing surgery even though  EVERYONE EVERYWHERE I look online says get a gyno/onc. But I can't seem to find one I can get in w/. Either the clinic prevents me from seeing it until AFTER the initial surgery and pathology report or my ins. wouldn't cover out of network.

Now that I know it's suspicious afterall, I am once again left feeling uncomfortable w/ the reg. gyn doing it and not a gyn/onc. I have some suggestions from another forum. I will see if that nets me an apt. with one.

That said, I am supposed to go on vacation trip to Montana on the 28th. The drs wanted me to come for surgery the 27th. I was debating cancelling my vacation but have decided to go, it's not just a vacation, I am helping a friend haul horses back so need to be there. This gives me more time to get an apt. w/ a gyno/onc.

Am I being overly dramatic to want a gyn/onc for what they say is a suspicious mass and are recommending me to have a ooperectomy over? Wouldn't you think the clinic/hospital would want me to be w/ one for best case scenario?
The gyno I am w/ is known as a specialist in this field of ovary issues, fibroids etc but is not a gyno/onc.

Once again, I'm feeling frustrated.



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In the ideal world we all want our teatment handled by GYN-ONC. But if you tried and you can't get to one and your doctor is telling you that it's urgent to remove a suspicios mass, get it done on the 27th. The last thing you want is for the encapsulated tumor to burst and met everywhere because of some horses. Your friend will understand and not hold it against you.

I hope it is benign and most likely it is; but if it's not - timing means the difference between life (stage 1) and death.

Sorry if I sound insensitive and good luck to you.

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Prior to my hysterectomy, I was assured many times by my gyn that there was no concern about cancer.   I had tremendous pain, even had vaginal ultrasound and laparoscopy and colonoscopy.    I had asked to have other scans but said it would only show endometriosis.    However, after my hysterectomy (total), when I went back for my scheduled checkup appointment, I was told that they found cancer and I had to have another surgery for staging after I met with an gyn/onc.  BTW, during my hysterectomy, this gyn/onc was there also in case they knicked something and nothing looked suspicious.

What a shock to find out on my check-up that I had cancer!   That being said, I am with Alexandra.  I would probably want to get it out as soon as possible.  However, now I would ask for a gyn/onc surgeon.

With regard to a gyn/onc, I think now that since your regular gyne wants to move up surgery, that it is not out of the question to ask your gyne to recommend a gyn/onc since the mass is "suspicous" and that they want to move up surgery.    If you are having surgery because they think it is suspicious, then you would want a gyn/onc surgeon doing it.  And if you gyn wont give you a recommendation, call your insurance company.  A gyn/onc would remove other things that a regular gyne would because they are experienced with those things. 

If you do get a recommendation to see a gyn/onc, this may also give you time to still take your vacation.  But in any event, I would look into this asap.

My best to you,



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I too would not want to delay the surgery.  It was actually a physician's assistant who sent me to get a ultrasound because of excessive bloating.  When the results indicated a suspicious and worrisome large mass, she recommend a gyn surgeon.  Thankfully, my ovarian cancer survivor friend told me I needed a gyn-onc surgeon and with her help, I found a good one covered by my insurance and told my primary doc to forward the referral to him, which he did.  Maybe you can do the same leg work yourself?

Best wishes to you.


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