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Need Suggestions and help for ovarian cancer

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We live in india. My mother was diagnosed with IIIc ovarian cancer in Oct 2011. She underwent 6 cycles of chemo on carboplatin/mitotax and then surgery after that. It recurred again after 3 months, then she was operated again and then this time, underwent 6 cylces of chemo on lipodox which ended in Apr, 2013. Her ca 125 at that time was 6.2. Now, her pet scan shows presence of FDG avid solitary 1.4 * 1.0 cm size of lymph-nodal lesion right lumbar mesenteric fat region. Her Ca 125 is 24 now. We consulted with different doctors and they have suggested different treatments:
1. Go for palliative chemotherapy with cisplatin and gemcitabine. After 6 cycles, radiations will be given.
2. Take Femara (letrozole pill) once a day for a month and then see its effects.
3. Go for surgery and retro peritoneal lymphadenectomy .(According to a particular doctor, this will have a great effect but others are against it).

Which option should we take? kindly guide us. We are really confused.
If you know anyone who has been in a similar situation and benefited by taking a particular option, please reach out to us soon.

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Welcome to CSN and sorry about your mother's recurrence.

I am sure you understand that anything you read here is not a valid medical advice and you need to seek doctor's second or third opinion. There are several other options out there for recurrent ovarian cancer. I don't know what other chemo drugs you have available in India. Maybe you can ask your doctor about current clinical trials. Avastin, Topotecan, Doxil, PARP inhibitors come to mind. Read this article, maybe it will give you some ideas http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/772720_1

Having said that here's what I think of the 3 options you listed (I am not a doctor, I'm a patient):

1. Your mother recurred 3 months after her first-line carboplatin chemo. It means she is platinum-resistant. It's unlikely that her tumor will respond to another platinum drug (cisplatin). Gemzar (gemcitabine) in combination with carboplatin is reported to extend progression-free survival to 8.6 months. Common side effect - neutropenia. Radiation (IORT) helps some ovca patients, but is rarely done.

2. Femara (letrozole) pill is reported to work for hormone-positive ovarian cancer, usually as maintenance. Is her cancer hormone-positive?

3. I don't know how old your mother is and if she has any other medical conditions. Third time abdominal surgery will remove the single lesion but create even larger risk for infections, adhesions, bowel obstructions, will not stop new tumours from growing and will not extend survival. If "particular doctor" promises to cure your mom with surgery - it's a scam and find another doctor.

Best of luck to you and your mom,


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