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RAI effect on possible throat cancer?

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I had a hemithyroidectomy Oct. 2010 w/ papillary microcarcinoma, followed by completion thyroidectomy June 2013. RAI scheduled this month.

I have had problems getting a definitive diagnosis of whether my throat/neck problems (which are worsening since Jan. 2012) are due to a) throat cancer, or b) residual thyroid cancer.  I cannot seem to get a biopsy on my enlarged lymph nodes.
If it is throat cancer, I am concerned whether the RAIodine will accelerate whatever throat cancer biological process is at work by hurting the nearby good cells.  I realize of course that if it is thyroid cancer, the RAI will be of benefit to me by being taken up by thyroid cells and then destroying them.  Ideally I would like a definitive answer of whether this is throat or thyroid cancer (if it is either). But heretofore, I have not been allowed to have a biopsy, which I understand is the gold standard for diagnosis.
Does anyone know if RAI accelerates any other nearby non-thyroid cancers?
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