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bleeding after intercourse

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I am 6 months out from having chemo and radiation. Of course the vaginal area got a lot of radiation. I have been using a diatator all along and just starting having intercourse that doesnt kill me with pain. Still sore but not as bad. But am having some bleeding during and after. Not bright red blood, but pink. No problem with dryness as I am on estregin now due to my last ovary getting killed off from radiation. But I am wanting to know if anyone out there knows about how long this bleeding will last and If I will ever have normal intercourse again???

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Don't worry that is very normal and I'm still having that occasionally and it's been years.  The vagina opening narrows considerably undergoing radiation.  Using the dilator in stages helped me but it took me almost a year before it was tolerable and it bleed.  What is happening is the opening is tearing because of penetration and then heals itself back up but it takes several days.  Make sure you put neosporan or some type of healing ointment (aquaphor) on it to heal it.  It will probably burn when you pee too.  Been there and sometimes still am. 


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I really wish that I could share some information, but sadly, sex has been a failure for me so far.

I hope it all turns our well and soon. 

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Coconut oil is a safe, effective lubricant.  It has enabled me to enjoy intercourse again - no more fears of pain.  I didn't have radiation, but between everything, I became very dry and sore, and hormone treatments haven't helped.  (Actually, premarin cream helped a lot, but it also gave me migraines which is indicative of a dangerous side effect, and so I cannot use it.  Plus, with migraines, I wasn't particularly interested in sex.  Poor hubby.  Poor me!)

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Similar boat although I also had rectum/anal removal.  Did your doctor make you get the Lynch test done before she gave you the estrogen?  My doctor won't give me the estrogen without getting the test done first and so sex is just plain painful. I really need to schedule an appt. to do it already.  Either that or try another GYN. 

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