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drink alcohol through a PEG, ...don't drink, but this bizarre thought ran through my head reading of your experiences with an alcoholic drink .  I'm told with a PEG you only taste whats gone through the PEG when you 'burp'. This thought amused me 'B..U..R..P' umm that was nice ha ha. Anyone have amusing stories on this, could do with a laugh.

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I would advise against it but Rob was watching a video or some men that had the same cancer as him. All survivors, but one talked about putting bloody mary's through his tube. 

I guess anything to feel maybe normal through the hell that is H & N cancer. 

We are not big drinkers at all. I have about 6 beers in a year and Rob used to have the same but he likes a real ale type. He has not a any since the diagnosis. I think he might really like a Sam Adams Boston Lager but is afraid of what it would taste like.


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Maybe you should run all bizarre ideas up the H&N flag pole for comment, not just for fun but for safety.  Sure you can infuse some alcohol via the PEG.  You have to be careful not to overdo it if you are using the syringe, but using the gravity method should provide a steady buzz.

Now thinking ahead you might want to puff a little Mary Jane and that could be a little trickier.  You will probably need to contact our resident expert for advice.

Bottoms up,


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My brother actually asked his doctor this very question.  The doctor said no alcohol during treatment. 


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nobody really feels like having a drink during treatment....after, that's another story.  I've heard a couple folks on here who poured wine or a drink down their tubes (nobody admitted getting drunk, tho) ....


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This past week I met with a friend who mentioned the need for flavored PEG food. Surely, not tasking it but unflavored ensures create nasty ssmelling BURPs. lol

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