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intro from a newbie

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Susan P
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Joined: Sep 2013

Hi all I’ve been lurking & joined a few weeks ago  - I couldn’t figure out how to post a new topic- a few nights ago I found chat & people there told me how-  I want & need to get active & involved on this site.I am 61 with 2 grown daughters- previous hysterectomy due prolapse – doc the left ovaries in due to age: hot flashes etc would certainly have been better  than fighting OVC.

 Diagnosed this May 2013 advanced OVC took family doc a long time to suspect & finally send me to an awesome take- charge gyn. Within a few days she had my 8 liter Almost 8 qts ascites fluid removed ! and within a few weeks she had me in the cancer center in Calgary was  like 4-5 mos preg.I quickly lost 40lbs due to vomiting.  I suspected OVC because of a Dr Oz show. Sheshe gave me hope  me hope & good attitude.  I started out very positive   I haven’t had my debulking surgery yet- gyn onc wanted to try chemo to reduce some metasisized cancer I had 3 rounds of carbo& taxal

In August I was reassessed with promising results  but not good enough for surgery –finishing 2nd round of 3 next week Oct. 7 new contrast ctOct 17 doc apt re new assessment Hoping I’ll be good enough to get these ugly ovaries  out along with the rest of the debulking

I was born in TX consider WY “home” moved to Calgary Alberta in 1968 when my dad was transferred for oil exploration.  I absolutely love it here.  We are about 50 miles north of the Montana border at the base of the foothills of the rocky mountains.Looking forward to getting to know most of you and getting the encouragement I need to fight this battle

I live with my husband of 37 years on a small farm outside of a small town of 1200 people- we have to drive for most anything but basic groceries.  Have no family right here feel isolated.  Can’t drive due to severe stroke 11 yrs ago which left me disabled & paralyzed on my left side  Only have use of one hand. I’ve been part of  an awesome online stroke group that got me through the last 11 yrs – that’s why I’m excited to get active in this group .







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2timothy1 7
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Welcome to the club:). Sorry for all you have gone through.

It sounds like a lovely place you live.

What sort of animals do you have on your farm?

Are you having many side effects from chemo?

Have a good night,


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You and I are about the same age.  I will be 61 in a few weeks, and Sunday is our 40th wedding anniversary. I have an amazing grown daughter.  

In 1968, my family moved from the big city of Columbus to the country.  Not quite as dramatic as your 1968 move, but as a teenager, I thought it was the end of life as I knew it!  Funny thing, though...I met my husband the very first day there!  Guess it all turned out right.  That's the way I try to view my cancer situation:  I thought it was the end of life as I knew it, but I am determined that it will all turn out right.

You are in the thick of the fight right now.  Come here and post often!  The ladies here always seem to offer just what I need.

Take care!

Rosamond M
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I love the description of your home. Last year before I was diagnosed I was fortunate enough to travel

to Canada and those beautiful Rocky Mountain scenes will remain forever with me. You are obviously an extremely

strong woman and have had your fair share of tough health issues to deal with.

When I began on this cancer path it looked like a very grim path I would have to travel. There was so much to learn about

my cancer. The way was scarey and unknown. It was a very steep learning curve that I had to navigate, a new language I

had to become familiar with as well as decisions to make about my treatment. Step after timid step I felt my way and that way

became a little clearer . When I found this forum I knew I had found a lifeline.

I had found women who shared fears,disappointments and joys that I could relate to. They also shared useful information

about the disease ,treatments and managing side effects.In addition, there was always that special compassion that was

conveyed  through the written word.

You have definitely landed on the right spot for lots of wisdom ,support and camaraderie that will give comfort. Knowing we are

not alone on this journey can give us strength.

Warmest regards


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Hi & welcome Susan 

glad you have found this board it will give u much strength & support for your 'journey'.  You have had your unfair share of health problems - like all on these boards but we are all here for each other - for the good the bad & the ugly times!  

cyber hugs Michelle x 




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from another Susan!

I am turning 63, was diagnosed just before my 61st birthday. I too had to do chemo first to shrink the tumors. After the adjuvant therapy I was able to have optimal debulking (no residual tumors left larger that 1 centimeter). Hopefully, this will happen for you as well. There is life after this diagnosis, even for those of us, most of us, diagnosed at a late stage, stage 3 or 4. The treatment is rough, but it does end and our hair grows back and we get used to the 'new normal' of being cancer warriors.

Post often and share your journey!

All the best,


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I am almost 46 and a fellow Canadian (from Toronto suburbs). Diagnosed with OVCA 3C in May 2012 and like you had liters of ascites drained and 4 rounds of chemo before having hysterectomy/debulking and more chemo.

It is not a pleasant or easy road we are on, but it's all doable. Ladies here are most knowledgable and understanding, they will answer any questions you might have and provide moral support and comaraderie unseen elsewhere. I hope you come back often and hang out with us.

Best of luck with finishing your chemo,



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Hi alexandra I was looking thru some pages a few nights ago and saw a list of healthy drinks and juices you had posted. I cant retrace my steps and wonder if you could please send me a copy of the list. My wife has been diagognosed with ovc and has started chemo with 3 weekly treatments with  carbo laxol. We live in rural Victoria in Australia but are lucky to have some great support from friends and amily. It is now my turn to be the carer after 37 years of the wife caring for me. This site is a great rescource and I am so glad we have stumbled across it. Thank you for your time Paddy hubby of Beth.

Alexandra's picture
Posts: 1311
Joined: Jul 2012

What a wonderful picture! Gorgeous view and two lovebirds.

I am very sorry about Beth's diagnosis. She is lucky to have you.

I think you're talking about http://csn.cancer.org/node/262540 with diet tips for complete or partial bowel obstruction.

It is NOT a good diet if she does not have bowel obstruction; it lacks nutrients, vitamins and protein.

Good luck to both of you and cheers from Canada.



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So sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I was diagnosed last year with primary peritoneal cancer, which is treated just the same as ovarian cancer. Just wanted to let you know that after about 6 months of chemo, I was left with no visible signs of tumor (per PET scan) and a constantly descending CA 125 number which finally got into the normal range. I hope for the same good results for you. After my chemo I had surgery and have now been declared N.E.D. Details are at www.CaringBridge.org/visit/CaroleSeaton.

I feel a certain kinship since I moved north to south from MN to AZ, unlike your move south to north. We live an hour's drive from the nearest drugstore, supermarket, post office or shopping of any kind. Adds to the adventure of cancer treatment!

Best of luck to you.

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You have come to the right place for information, support and encouragement.  The ladies here are wonderful.  I myself was diagnosed almost three years ago, stage 2b high grade, had de-bulking surgery and six rounds of carbo/taxol.  I have been living with NED (no evidence of disease) for two and a half years.  The cancer journey is full of ups and downs but it is definitely doable and you have every reason to be hopeful about the future.  Please keep us posted!


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