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so sad

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It grieves me to, open this site, and, see so many new names that are just beginning either their or a loved ones journey. Just want to say, you're amongst the most caring,kind,loving,knowledgeable people you could even imagine..the treatment is brutal, the recovery is hard, the finish is wonderful..you'll get there.


A dear friend of mine discovered a lump in her breast a month ago, sadly it is cancer. She will have a double mastectomy this coming Tuesday..please keep her in your kind thoughts and prayers.  

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You are right, it never ends.  I have discovered the obvious I guess, that the older I get, the more of this I am hearing about in my own life.  My sister had a "lump scare" a couple of weeks ago.  My first thought was, "Oh no, not another sibling!"  Turns out it was a cyst, praise God, but now her husband in the hospital with suspected lymphoma.  So many prayers needed. 



p.s.  I take it you have four grandchildren?  Me too.  Wink

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It is always sad to see a new member or family member of someone have the need to find our site. Prayers that one day a cure will be found.

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Just sending out a few thoughts and prayers for you ...

True it is sad, but I do feel overall that if you have to have cancer, this is the best time ever as for technology and knowledge, and getting better.

This site is truely unique and I'm glad that I found it, and love that we can help others possibly get through a little better than if they hadn't found us.



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jim and i
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Prayers for you and your friend.

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