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Eurbtix and Gammaknife

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Hi Everyone haven't been here for a while my husband has nasopharengyl Carcinoma the cancer has not metastasize.  At first the ENT didn't not give us any hope and gave my husband a year to live.  His oncologists disagreed with the ENT and said that the doctor should have never told us that.   My husband has just finished 6 weeks of chemo eurbitix and 5 gammaknife surgeries.  He has not had any scans yet and his onocologist is already talking about another round of a different chemo called platium my husband had this the first time in 2009 it made him very sick.  The oncologist said he would have to stay 3 days in the hospital and be monitiored and would have to do this once a month for 4 months.   We are apprehensive about this treatment and wondering if we could get a second opionon about it.


My question is Do you think he's too far into treatment with this oncologist to switch to another onocologist.  Where he was having his chemo was an absoulte nightmare the hospital is a horror and thought of him even staying for 3 days neither one of us want him to stay in this place.  One day a couple of weeks ago when he was having chemo I look down there is a needle on the floor with blood on it.  We would get there at 9:30 his appointment and they wouldn't hook him up till 11:00 there were 7 other people sitting in chairs in this small room not a good atmosphere for cancer patients.


thank you all

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He hasn't started any of the platinum chemos yet....so why not a second opinion and possibly a new Oncologist (and hospital). 

I had NPC, also....I'm sorry your husband had a recurrance....but I'm glad to hear that your current Oncologist was able to treat it....I know that the needle on the floor was unsettling (it would be for anyone)....accidents do happen, tho....and as you've probably seen....Oncology nurses are hopping every minute.  Don't worry about "atmophere"....truly, most people sleep during treatment, and atmosphere is created in their dreams.  I used to get transfusions in the hospital infusion room....it was huge, cold....yet everybody had their own TV, and their own little room via curtains if that's what they wanted....I prefered my Oncologist's infusion room...small, with lounge chairs right next to the next patient....just seemed cozier and didn't have that feeling of being all alone in cancer.


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Attitude is a big part of this process so if you are both uncomfortable with the doctor and/or enviroment make a change. At the very least, get that second opinion.  I saw one doctor at a hospital that I honestly would not get a tatoo from. He was pessimistic, the enviroment was dark and dreary and not clean. I have absolutely no regrets about leaving. 

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