What is the Deal with Testosterone and TRT? And Finesteride as well!!!

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I am in the dark.  I thought that the purpose of castration, Bicaltumide, and Hormone Therapy was to eliminate ALL testosterone.  Then, the very knowledgeable and gifted Vasco suggested TRT with patches.  So, I go to the internet and search and find this link:

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3424887/  This was VERY informative for me, although I am not sure I understand it all.  It appears to me that this article says that there are serious risks from T deprivation like possible serious heart trouble in two years as well as weakening of the bones.  (Now, this is MY interpretation of what I read, and I may be wrong!!!   Reader beware!!)  I think it also says that there have been no definitive tests about the use of TRT and the risks associated, but there is alot of debate.

     In my case, I would definitely assume any extra risk to be able to use TRT.  I know well the effects of T supplementation and T deprivation.  T deprivation literally destroyed my body, my strength and had unpleasant mental effects as well, along with all the other side effects.  After losing 30 lbs of muscle in ten weeks, I was depressed.  Since that time, I have revised my diet and my work out program and have gained 8 pounds back.  I mention this to illustrate that even with no T and in old age, it is still possible to improve the body and progress the health, both physically and mentally.  And I feel very strongly that exercise MUST be a part of Pca treatment.  Everyone can and will improve their chances, their immune system, their mental state, muscular structure and bone structure with an exercise and diet program.  Quality of life must be considered. Length of life is important, but at what cost?

    So, I would greatly appreciate any input about TRT.

    FINESTERIDE - I have read several posts by guys who are being treated by excellent DRs who are using 5 mg of Finesteride daily.  My very uninformed Uro here said, "Don't bother."  However, my research says it is a good idea.  I have used it in the past, and it did shrink my prostate.  However, I now believe that using Finesteride for prolonged periods may create erection problems that may not go away even if the med. is stopped.  this is no longer of any concern to me.  So, anyone have any advice about this?   Thanks guys, there is just NO Uro here that is anywhere near up to date. love, Rakendra


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    Testosterone; The spur of Youthfulness




    The article your link directs us says it all. Testosterone (T) affects both; benign and cancerous prostatic cells. Too much of the “stuff” increases PSA serum but it does not induce cancer. It feeds it when the bandit is “alive”.
    Without T not just prostatic cells suffer but many others in our systems. One may say that at the end we die, not of PCa but of heart attack, or …….. etc, etc.

    My opinion is that, if cancer was totally understood, there would be many treatments to deal with its cure. However, the existing ways to treat the problem are not perfect and do not deal with the cancer itself. They are as primitive as the ways of the old times (Stone Age included) when to achieve cure one shall get rid of that piece of “sick meat”. Just cut it off if you can. Man can live without a leg or with only one kidney or without the prostate or even without the testicles.
    And the medical community says: Well, decreased quality of life but “alive and kicking”.  Yell

    In such a scenario we have to deal with the facts as they come along. We have to try to balance between QL and extending the period of life. Which to choose is upon each one’s desirer. The medicine today cannot “answer” in our replacement.
    Once affected with PCa we have to constantly monitor its progress or give up and enjoy the time of our “karma”, to the best we still can. For sure none of us will be “staying on earth” as a can of sardines, a preserve.

    TRT is wonderful  Kiss  when we experience hypogonadism. The point is to feel good and still be attentive to the malady. It is senseless to avoid cancer with pain or prejudice of life.
    In reading your posts I came to think that the orchiectomy was not friendly to a man of your status. T has been highly important in your system since long ago and the doctors that recommended orchy to you had no clue about that. I believe that you will feel better if you use patches on/off periods. It could be estrogens patches instead of testosterone.  Innocent


    A word on Finasteride; In my opinion this drug “cleans” the PSA serum because it manages to kill prostatic cancerous cells of the low grades of G1 and G2. Therefore, in the microscope when analysing a “purified” prostate tissue, the existing cells (the leftovers) can be counted from the G3 up, instead of a possible erroneous counting when G2 cells are mistaken for G3 cells. This will permit to verify that the majority of cancer in a sample is of higher grade, frequently diagnosing cases of higher risk. Finasteride does not cure and the same goes to all the other hormonal drugs. They simply provide control during long periods of time.

    Intermittent treatment (IADT) is in fact superior because it allows the patient to return to normal levels of T that are required for the good sake of other body functions.  Laughing
    The norms to administer such methodology is not defined perfectly yet but oncologists like Myers, Strum, Scholz and Bob, etc., have demonstrated how well does IADT work along the years (more than 20 already).
    On/Off drugs allows T to decrease or increase. Orchiectomy is permanent so that the substitute would be On/Off TRT.


    Thanks for raising the subject and the link.

    Pinakamahusay na bumabati (in Tagalog).

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