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"I Need a Show of Hands" - Upcoming Coping Magazine Article - "The Legend of Big Billy" *** Last Call We're Ordering ***

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Thank you, Marie for opening a post about this subject.

I'm finally on my feet on after another tough cycle and had wanted to open this post for awhile now.  We'll tie it in to the one you opened, but I wanted folks to hear it from me.  This is a big day for me and I want to enjoy some of it this time:)

First, it should be available online when they post it, so it will be available for viewing when they supply me the link when they publish the article.

I've approved all of the final layouts and content.  It's a little different from the piece I originally wrote for you guys....I own the copyright to my original story.  They removed a few of my brushstrokes so it reads a little different....but stays true to the content and text of the story itself.  It was important to get published and some sacrifices have to be made along the journey, so that one day all of my words may be heard, as written.

Still, it's a proud time and a big time for me, especially the way I've been feeling lately......we got published folks!

Now, although the article will be available for viewing online, there might be some of you out there that still might enjoy the look and feel of the real deal:)  And if so, then I want to take care of you.  I'm going to be framing my copy and hanging it down in my outdoor life center as a reminder to me on the collaboration it took to pull a project like this out of nothing and make it a reality...not only for us.....but for a potential audience of 460,000.

So, to celebrate my very first piece of published work, I wanted to put a copy in my friend's hands, if they would like a copy.  You guys rode the roads with me and I'd like to share this bounty with you after so much hard work and luck. 

Kitty Marie and I are teaming up on this project.  We've wanted to work one together for a couple of years now....and I can't imagine a better one than this to show my love and affection to a dear woman who has stood by and supported me all of these many years.  This one will be special....and I just want to share it with anyone who wants to be a part of it......and I also mean our International brothers/sisters too.....we're Semi;Colons, no matter where we reside...if you have an address, we'll get you a copy.....all you have to is let us know, 

Now, don't worry one second about any money....

This post is a head count so I can gauge interest and know how many copies to order....the circulation editor will contact me and I can order then.  Because, I authored, I get the copies for free....I only have to pay the bulk shipping and handling to my address.  They order in increments of 25.....so I wanted to get the head count to see how many we're looking at.  I know right now up to 100 copies, it's 46.25 for the mailing......whatever the head count was, I would place the order to get things started on my end.

So, if you want one, please contact Marie (lovekitties) as she requested.....she is going to help me with the address mailing labels and my return labels that will really help me alot!

(Marie) I've got an office supply story less than one mile up the street....so I can pick up the mailers here cheaper than having to send them....and will give me a chance to get out of the house and enjoy this project by taking some kind of active part.  You and I can see about postage .  I've got to figure that the mailer and postage would be between 1.50-2.00 a mag or something close. 

Marie is going to help me with expenses to make sure everyone that wants a copy, gets a copy.....we know how hard finances can be for a cancer patient.  Our mission is to provide....not burden.  The idea is to share this wonderful memory with those that want to be parft of it in any form whatsoever....but if you want a copy, it's a done deal.....just let Marie know who you are...and Santa Craig will deliver.

But, right now, we just need to know the logistics.......how many folks want a copy?

I'll get the balll rolling from there.....and remember, my right hand (Marie) is heading up the addresses and such, so please contact her if interested. 

Sooooo.....don't let this opportunity slip you by:)   "Order Today - Don't Delay"


Every copy ordered will be personally "signed"...along with an inscription to memorize this event:)  

I love you and want those, new and old, who have supported me and my writings along the way to share in this part of my journey.....my story is your story....our thoughts and feelings inexplicably intertwined between one another....at times, so close that we can feel the other person's heart beat.   

That's what I want to share with you.....and this is a good story in my life.....and this time, ALL OF US get to share in this one and roll around it for awhile and get some of it on us.....this time cancer does not wipe the smile off my face.....for the last 28-days it has done so......but not this time for my article. 

I'm so looking forward to this,.....

It is a September/October issue so it could be popping any day now....I'll post the link when I know.....but until then, place your orders:)


Craig & Big Billy


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Thank you Craig!  Already sent MSG to Marie!  I AM SOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU!   Lori


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Oh my, how good it is to see you posting again!!  I have tears in my eyes, but a broad smile on my face - I've missed you my friend.  I'e already sent Marie my address and I can't wait to get a hard copy of that article in my hands.  Saying that I'm proud of you just doesn't seem enough, but you know I feel.  Great BIG TEXAS HUGS for you dear (((((HUGS)))))!!!

I am so very happy for you - and for the hundreds of thousands of people that will get to know our Lion.  :D

Love ya,


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Craig, so good to read your post today!   I am so happy for you that you accomplished what you have and I am looking forward on getting my hands on the "real deal."

Thanks so much.



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Great to see your post.  You "sound" well.  I am pleased you got through another session.  I am so proud of you with regards to the article.  I will look after getting myself a copy.  Shipping to Canada would be costly but thank you for the offer.  You're very generous.  Congratulations, you've really earned this.



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Woudn't hear of it my friend.  Besides they only do subscriptions for the year and not individual copies. 

We're already going to order anyway and I'm getting them for free.....shipping to canada is not really that much more...I've shipped all over to all providences in canada and out to spain with pepe.  No problems.

It's done....email Marie and we'll reserve your copy...and signed....

Remember, that it can be used to line your  kitty pail.....and can also double as a nice drink coaster:)

C'mon.....you're a valued part of my life....now cut yourself a slice, just for me, ok?

I'm doing fair to part cloudy...attended a memorial yestrday for my best friend who passed....took alot of effort to go to the service. 

3 days ago, I could not even talk though....it's been real hard.  I can't even lurk much less write or participate.

That's why I jumped on today...while I was on my feetl....another heavy dose coming tomorrow.

C;mon Chels....I love you...now, as part of the team, you're in....so you get a copy, that's it,  we've got this covered.  We're sharing love here now....money doesn't factor in for me with this project.  marie is helping me...and if we fall short i'll cover it.

It's nice to see you....hope to get to a point where I can return.  But, I've been really down the road....even the 1/2 dosage rolled me over in a big way....


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Thank you.  

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So good to "hear" YOU in your post today!

You deserve to have your 'time in the sun' to enjoy not only the fact that you are PULBISHED but that you are loved by many.

I have already had a number of your fan club members send me their addresses...and by the way...mine is there too...lol.  I will keep you updated on the numbers.

It is my privilege and honor to help in some small way to get the printed word out to folks.

OK folks, now is the time to get a Craig/Sundanceh/Big Billy/Santa Craig autographed copy! 

Just CSN email me your address and you will get on the list. 

And, international folks...don't be shy...send for your copy too! 

We will make sure that anyone who wants a copy, gets one but you have to let us know so Craig can order enough copies.

Marie who loves kitties


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ahhh Craig......good stuff....look at you....sooo happy to see you up and about.  Like chels i wonder about costs to Canada but I would love to have a copy.....

good for you.......and thanks Marie......mags

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Maggie May

You're getting a copy, so just send Marie your address....

Us ol' timers gotta' keep thinking of one another...besides we're old friends now...and sharing is my middle name...even when I'm sick...sometimes I'm at my best when I'm dog sick...well sometimes.

But, when I'm up I'm up...and down I'm down.

But i'm up right now...and as I said, this time we get to enjoy this story a little bit more than a day or two.  And you're part of the family.

Anyway...I love sending to Canada...Chels even agreed, so now you have to....can't have it any other way, or I'll be hurt;)

Love you!

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Craig!!  You and Big Billy are total Rock Stars!  Congrats!


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I'ts just such a relief to see you back among the living as I know you have felt at death's doorstep for some time now. Just by being who you are, you have brightened my day.

Will send Marie my address for I definitely want a signed copy.



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Craig - Glad to hear youre feeling better and so sorry to hear about your friend.  I've sent my info off to Marie.  Cannot wait to see the article.  very cool.  Traci

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Thanks so much for posting Craig. I am so happy for you and so glad to hear your much missed voice again. You are in my thoughts and prayers everyday. I will PM Marie shortly. This is a great moment for all of us but especially YOU.

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Nice to see you posting and that you are feeling a bit better.  Its tough, I know.

Anyway, anxiously awaiting a copy.  So happy for you that you got published.

Take care my friend.

Hugs - Tina

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Emailed onc's nurse who promised to put aside a copy for me. Appt is Sept 26 or so ...hopefully they'll have the issue by then. I cant wait to see it! Did they tell you when your other quotes will be in? I'm thinking of just subscribing and supporting the great folks who saw you like we do and realized what an asset your words will be to so many people. I can see more Craig and Billy getting published. Maybe we should all write in about how much we enjoyed your story :).

I'm very sorry to hear about your friend. That is so sad. Hang in there and keep your fond memories of him.

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Great idea, Jen...

I'll put you in charge of the "Write-In" campaign:)

With you behind me...WE simply can't miss:)

Thank you once again for leading this ol' War Horse to water:)


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Craig, thanks for the great post.  I, as many on here, are so happy to see your posts pop up.  So sorry for how you've been feeling but glad the publication has lifted your spirits.  Look forward to reading it.  Hope your treatment today isn't too bad.  Hang in there, buddy.

Love, Linda

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I was going to say that I would make do with the online version, but if I can get one that is AUTOGRAPHED, well, I can't pass up that opportunity.  I'll give Marie my address so I can get a physical copy.

I'm so happy for you, Craig, and have great hopes that this will be the start of something even bigger!

Lots o' love~AA

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Dear Craig,

Was so nice to see your response. I know you are getting an other round today and the first days will be hard again, but you'll feel ok soon. And this publication is such a mile stone for you and it is for all of us.

I emailed Marie for a copy, but more than anything I want you to publish little bits of new here of your improvement and strength.

With all that love,


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I can not wait to see your article!   If I can get a copy, I would love it!   Finding the magazine in our small mountain town would be impossible.


Keep up the inspirational words!

Best Always,  mike

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Just email (Lovekitties) Marie with your address and a copy will be sent to you:)

I'd like for you to have a copy.  Just email her and you're taken care of.

Be well and keep fighting...I'm finding my fighting legs and strength once again to continue...

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Keep fighting for all of us Craig!  You have been an inspiration to many, and a voice of reason on this board!  If you need a person to lean on, I will be there for ya!


Best Always! 


If you need a mountain get away, let us know!  We tell everyone there is nothing to do but watch nature at its best and some where in town there is going to be great music.

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I'm so glad that you finally got your story published.  You've been wanting this for a long time, and here it is, nearly in print and on the newstand.  I'm so proud of you and for your dedication in getting your story out.  You have gone through many hurdles with life, cancer and trying to get this published and you have shown your fierce determination in everything that you do.  I've got my name on the list and wishing for a hard copy so that I'll be able to see you in print whenever I'm needing your inspirational words.  Congratulations on your publication dear friend.


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Please count me in my friend.  What an honor.  Thinking of you.




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What an accomplishment for you.  All those frustrations are water under the bridge now Laughing.  Can't wait to get my copy. 

Praying for an easier time this tx, though I don't think much could get you down right now!!


Angela and Robert

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Perseverance! If anyone has it, it is us cancer fighters! I knew you could do it! I'll be requesting a copy! So happy for you!


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me who would pass up a chance to get an autographed copy.i am going to sign up for sure and thanks to you and ms. kitty for doing so much.there is a little ray of sunshine in the thunderstorm after all...Godbless....johnnybegood

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LookingLooking forward to settling into the sofa with a cup of tea and reading your work.  Love you!



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Thanks for all of your responses!!

The editor contacted me and said it shouldn't be too much longer for stuff to start appearing on their site.  Don't know if they will include any of the 3 quotes that the took from the Repurpose story I also sent in...they were going to use those 3 and publish a quote in one issue here and one there etc. 

So, if I see that, I'll post.  Though they would be found under Inspirational something or the other on their site etc.

There is still tikme to order a copy - I've not been sent the order link yet - so please keep sending your requests to Kitty Marie if you would like a copy. 

Let's get The Sundance Army rolling!

All of the FB group - what about what you guys?

Mary Carol - I know you'd like a copy, right?

Anyway, I'll let you know when I hear a deadline and where the cutoff off would be. 

Don't be shy, it won't cost you a thing....just want to share the biggest story of my personal life with all of my friends!  It's not everyday that this kind of thing happens - at least not for me:)

You know right now that the story of Big Billy will always resonate much closer to you than anyone else that ever reads it....because you know the intimacy of the story....and the thoughts and the feelings of the author that went along with it. 

It's a bond that can never be broken between us:)


My continued best and all of my love and respect,


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Facebook gang has the news and requests have been received.

Sure couldn't leave them out!

Still taking mailing info here on CSN email, so anyone who wants a copy email me at lovekitties.  If you sent me your info, you should have gotten a confirmation back that you are on the list.  If you didn't, please resend your info.

Don't want anyone to miss out.

Marie who loves kitties

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What FB Group?  I need to join



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I'm a lurker more than a poster...but have been at this since '06 and have followed (and enjoyed) your prose for as long as I've been here.  Would be honored to have a copy!!  



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glad to see you up and about.

congrats on your accomplishment!

all the best to you


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I would love to have the magazine article and I've already sent my address to Marie.

I have been mostly lurking recently but had to post when I saw this good news from you. 

(I still have the Christmas music you sent me a couple of years ago!)

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You bet your Butt I want a signed copy!


I am sooooo very happy for you Craig........way to go!!!  Doin' the happy dance at my desk and getting strange looks from the cube rats around me!



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Just requested my copy via Marie.

Cannot wait to read.

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Craig, I let Marie know to count me in.  Hope you are feeling better.. you are in my prayers and thoughts.


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We're going to order this upcoming Monday or Tuesday...

If we missed anyone or you weren't logged on to see this post, I wanted to float this post back to the top for one final round up to see how many copies are needed.

I have to order in increments of 25....we've got about 42 reserved right now.....so the order right now will be for 50 mags. 

Let us know....send your mailing address to Marie (lovekitties) and we'll hold you a copy.

It's online (info in another post) for those that just want to read it. 

Anyway, ready to move this project forward and complete it.  The copy has apparently already arrived to the onc's offices, so that's pretty exciting.

Thanks again - for reading or ordering - glad you enjoyed it!


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Thank you so much Craig for thinking of us!!!  I tried to save on some postage and get one at my Onc. apt. this week, but no go.  I PM'd Marie .. Cool

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