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Good visit to the oncologists

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Had another 6 month visit to the oncologist.  No blood tests, no PET scan, just a thorough exam.  He is very pleased, with me and with himself for having gotten me through it.  Next appointment in March, after my annual mammogram.  I asked him about from what date does one start counting,  but apparently even oncologists can't decide - some count from the day of the first treatment, some from the end of treatment.  For me chemo started at the beginning of Nov. 2009, and ended with Herceptin mid Nov. 2010, a long, hard journey.  Looking back I can hardly believe I made it through, but I made it....whoopee!  He paid me quite a compliment, I am 80 now, he thought I look no older than 68 at the most, well, he is the best oncologist ever!


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Great news.

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You are amazing!  You are a true testament that age is just a number and I am in total awe.  At 60, I have been whining about my chemo for liver mets (taxotere, herceptin and perjeta).  You are my hero!!!!  And yay for a great check up!

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I'll just bet you're a beautiful 80, Margeaux.  Nice to hear positive news on your onco visit.  Hugs, Linda

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Congratulations on NED!


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That is great news Margeaux - Go celebrate....

Andi :)

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Wonderful news! So happy for you. You are an inspiration!      Beth 

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Thanks everybody for your good wishes.  No, I am no hero, believe me!  When I was first diagnosed, StageIIB, HER/Neu+, 2 positive lymph nodes at age 76, I screamed loud and clear - no treatment!  The oncologist almost fell off his chair and finally convinced me to proceed, first with 6 months chemo, followed by lumpectomy and removal of 18 lymph nodes, then radiation and 1 year Herceptin.  About half way through chemo, sick as a dog, I used what little strength I had to research how to buy a one-way ticket to the Netherlands and get into their euthanesia program!  So help me, I am not proud of this!  I am sharing this only with the sisters on this board, you all know what depth of depression we can fall into.  Also, I am mentioning my age to show that treatment, however difficult, is survivable at any age.  My hope is that girls growing up now will not have to face what we have to face, and that this disease will find it's match.


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first of all, Congratulations with overcoming a tremendous difficulties and succrssful recovery. I happy that you have had a good visit and check up with your doctor.

Thank you for sharing, it is a very remarkable story of a very strong women.


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this is a 'HUGE' accomplishment = Doing my Hap Hap Happy dance for you! 


Thank you for sharing ..


Vicki Sam 



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