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my 3rd bout with this crap - i am going to have to really research what i can do. My wife is telling me pro biotics - i think there is a pill form and it comes in some yogurts. it may have something to do when i drink alcohol. my daughter got married over the weekend and i over indulged. had a great time. but a day later thrush again. i saw my rad oncologist last week and he said everything looks great and if my next pet scan is clear he thinks i am pretty much out of the woods.He was really very encouraging as he told me the inside of my throat doesnt look like i ever had any treatments and he said if I make it clear past the first year the stats really stacked in my favor - i know i will have to endure pet scans for 5 years. but the thrush is really starting to annoy me - anyone have any thoughts?

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roar, sorry ur fighting thrush.  i hear that stuff is painful.  i hope it gets better quick.

i was wondering about your comment on 5 yrs of pet scans.  did ur doc say that?  the reason i'm wondering is my doc said i won't get anymore and i've only had 2 since 2009.  many others here have been told the same thing.  i hope u r right about them.  i wish my doc would let me have one at least once a year   :0(

good luck w/the thrush.


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Was the first year was the most crucial - he said 80% of re occurrence happen in the first year. The second year will only be 2 pet scans - then  1 a year until year 5

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Chewing acidopholis tablets....letting them disolve in your mouth does have an effect on Thrush.  I used to get thrush in college during finals, and acidopholis always cured it.  Thrush would annoy anybody....it's painful!  Maybe give the probiotics a try....it's way more concentrated than eating yogurt.


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I am taking clotrimazole losingers 5 times a day - the last time they gave me some swish and rinse stuff. Thanks for the advice- it's making me crazy, however I realize my problem is minimal compared to others in this room. Next stop will be pro biotics, although I try to eat yogurt at least 3-4 times a week for breakfast.

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The alcohol is absolutely a factor.  When I was going through chemo/radiation I was unable to drink any kind of beer. The research I did stated that because of the high yeast content in beer, it throws the chemistry in your mouth off causing thursh to emerge.  I suffered with it a few times during and even post treatment.  My only advice is that if you are going to drink, drink something like whiskey, or vodka.  As time progresses you will be able to drink domestic beer because it is more filtered then most imports.  In due time you will be able to resume the "norm"

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I used to homebrew beer a long time ago and my recollection is the yeast is spent and well dead by the time you get to bottling. And with all commercial beer, the filtering removes any remaining yeast particles as they cloud the beer. In handmade beers, you may find a bit of sediment but those are dead yeast cells.

I was thinking that the alcohol might be killing off the good bacteria in your mouth and thus allow for nasty bacteria to start and that then triggers the thrush. 

If it somehow is yeast related in the beer, then wine would likely fall into the same situation. Spirits of course go through an entirely different process.



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I no longer drink yet had 3 or 4 bouts of thrush so can't say if your alcahol plays a role. It is a b**ch! I always ended up with scripts to rid myself of it. No need to suffer as they clear it up in a matter of days.

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I am strong supporter or pro biotics. Try the refrigerated kind. I like raw pro biotics by garden of life.

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i will check out where i can procure some of this product - thank you

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I neither drink alcohol or have I had Thrush.

For a list of what I eat and drink and all personal habits send me a PM for detailed information.


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Just went though yet another bought with it.  I use Fluconazole pills.  Usually clears it up in two days though you have to take the pills for 15 days to be sure it's gone.  My MedOnc told me that antibiotics and sugar are big contrtbutors. 


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i think i will tone down the alcohol as i think there is a definate corrolation between the two and try the pro biotics - i really appreciate all the feedback- dont know what i would do without this room.

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