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Husband getting trachea Help

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My husband is getting ready to have a trachea put in next Thursday, September 20th.  He was diagnosed with squamous cell carncinoma which had metasize after 6 months of chemotherapy and 38 radation treatments..

he is no longer able to breath due to damage to his windpipe can anyone out there talk to me about  this or does anyone have one from this reason?


thank you



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My husband had a trach before he had his laryngectomy.  It was an emergency procedure because he was having trouble breathing.  Found out that the tumor was still there and his right side of his vocal cord was paralyzed.   Now he breaths thru the stoma in his neck which is connected directly to his airway.  He had no problems whatsoever with the trach when he had it or now his stoma.  The difference is that when you have a trach  you still can breathe thru your nose and mouth.  When you have a stoma you breathe thru the stoma in your neck that goes directly into your lungs.

My husband takes care of his, himself.  He was taught when the trach was done.  You might need a suction machine, but that is something they will tell you at the hospital.  Your husband will have a trach tube and it is held in place by a collar around his neck.  Very small collar.  Our step-grandson has a trach and he is 16 now, 15 when done and he handles it without a problem. 

It is scary at first, but the doctor and nurses will tell you how to take care of it.   Just follow their directions.  

Wishing you and your husband the best.    Sharon

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connie, i'm sorry u and ur husband r go'n thru this nasty stuff!  i had cancer of the voice box and now have a permanent trach, actually had a laryngectomy.  i breathe thru my neck now. it takes awhile to get used to but at least we're alive.  let me know f u have specific questions and i'll try to answer them.  u can pm if u like.  i wish u both the best.

God bless,


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i do have one, but not for the same reason. i will have it the rest of my life  and have had it now 5 plus years

i can say it took me 6 months to get used to it, but since it's part of my new almost normal stage of life. 

most of all, i could tell from the moment i woke up and found out i had one by surprise i could tell my chest/lungs were much much easier. 

sorry you hubby has to go thru this. 


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