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Stomach Cancer

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My son-in-law was diagnosed with Stomach cancer on Sept. 10, 2013 -- a tumor caused his appendix to rupture and that is when it was found -- they could not get all of the tumor out -- he also has MANY cancerous nodules in his abdomen.  They had to take his small colon and part of his intestine because the tumor was growing on them.  Pathology report comes back tomorrow.  Surgeon painted a bleek picture.  We don't even know what this means right now.  Any comments are appreciated.

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Hi, bonmeredith,

How's the patholody report? Please do not give up hope. Since my husband's DX, I have read many encouraging and positive stories. Your SIL has got the surgery, so with good treatments, he has a better chance to beat the cancer than people without it.

Please keep us posted. Praying for your daughter and SIL!


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I was treated in aug 2010 and they took away all of my stomach, its a long hard journey but your s.i.l can come thru this Im sure with a good suport back up!!

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Hello  this isnt about me but about someone very special to me who is suffering from stomach cancer. Her mother passed away from it about 5 yrs ago. When she was finally diagnosed after several visits to the doc. They told her this was hereditary and that all immediate family should be tested. Her daughter my sister in law was tested and found out she was carrying the gene for stomach cancer and the doc recommended h her to get her entire stomach removed. Her mother had went through this twice the first time they only took half of her stomach out to find the cancer has spread and neededto have another surgery done to remove the rest of her stomach. For a few yrs she was ok able to eat and keep it down. Until recently she had some serious pain isnt  able to keep any  food down al ways getting sick not able to pass any bowels she went back to her doc and told him she can literally feel a ball in her abdomen area which is causing her lots of pain. She is soo weak and has lost faith. Her doc said what she feels in her abdomen is a tumor the size of a baseball she just recently had surgery on her insides to help with her bowels but that didn't help and now the doc is saying it's to soon to go back in and take out the tumor. It's this true? Is there hope for her at this point? And had anyone heard of immunocal I recently seen a sorry on facebook about a man with leukemia and was giving a few weeks to live until his family found out about immunocal. They secretly gave him this needwhile he was in the hospital and the cancer had ddisappeared. PLEASE I AM BEGGING FOR HELP THIS WOMAN MEANS SO MUCH TO ME. IF u used this med or know someone who has or is how did it do for u or them.

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Every cancer and treatment is unique as to how it impacts an individual. You need to seek out the best medical advise and other support services to help you in your decision process. I recommend you visit the following web site for more information www.debbiesdream.org. The founder of this organization is a stage IV stomach cancer survivor.

Good luck


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