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Colon cancer hospitals

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Hello...I have stage 4 colon cancer. Its inoperable because of the blood vessels around it. This was found in 2010. I have been on chemo for 2 years and radiation in August 2013. They did not work and the mets just got bigger and is too close to my pancreas. Today my oncologist told me he can not help me anymore and wants to send me to IU in Indianapolis IN or Vanderbilt in TN for case trials. I agree to go to IU in Indianapolis. My question is does anyone know anything about these hospitals...have anyone tried these case trials and what were their experience with them?

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There are various trials out there, so the folks here will need a little more information in order to assist you.  Is there one drug in particular that he mentioned might help you?

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No he didn't but I will find out more about it when i go to IU. I was hoping to learn more about the place, if someone has been there.

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You want to get somewhere large enough to have colorectal specialists, not just oncologists who handle colorectal cancer.   My local onc is a "general" onc - overseeig whatever cancer shows up on his doorstep (and is excellent, by the way.)  However, I go to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC where I see a colorectal oncology surgeon and colorectal oncologists.  That is all that they do - 100% specialized; referring to other departments as appropriate.  (Mine had me see a urologic oncologist for a questionable spot on my kidney.  Turned out to be nothing, but my colorectal specialist wanted me seen by the appropriate dr.)  You need a large medical center in order to have this level of specialization.

Wishing you all the best.

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