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Another round of chemo

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My mother-in-law is going to be starting her third chemo treatment for metastatic endometrial cancer. The first two treatments were Carbo/Taxol and then Carbo alone. This time it's going to beTopotecan every day for a week with two weeks off in between. I think she is nervous about the side effects because it is a new drug. Does anyone have any experience with Topotecan? Her Dr. says it's stronger than Doxil and some of the other alternatives but wants to try it now since she's feeling strong right now.

She is an amazing woman, and we want to give her all the support possible. About three years ago, she started juicing and we have tried some of the dietary changes described in Life Over Cancer by Dr. Kieth Block, Anticancer by Dr. Servan-Schrieber, and The Crazy Sexy Cancer Diet by Kris Carr. Does anyone have any recommendations for complementary/integrative care? We're also looking for some gyn/oncologist and hospitals for a second opinion. Thank you all for sharing your experiences and wisdom on these message boards!

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Welcome to the boards and sorry your MIL has joined this group of women with uterine cancer.  As far as a second opinion my hospital and dr are one of the NCI recognized in the state of Texas.  I love my dr.  She was ranked one of the best dr in 2009 when she was in South Carolina and she is one of the professors at the University Hospital.  Her is a link to her information http://profiles.utsouthwestern.edu/profile/45963/jayanthi-lea.html.

I am not saying she is the best but I feel comfortable with her.  She takes the time to really talk to you and explain things.  While I do not have USPC I do have the carsinoma sarcoma uterine cancer which is also a grade 3 highly agressive cancer and was a stage 3C.  I have been two years clean as August 22 this year.

Praying for your family. trish

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Thank you for the welcome and doctor information! We will definitely look into. It means a lot to hear someone's personal testimony.

We had another change in the treatment plan today: the oncologist said that Topotecan is no longer approved for endometrial cancer, so she wants to switch to Doxil. It looks like a lot of women have had success with Doxil, but it feels like we're at the mercy of the FDA and insurance companies when it comes to treatment. The oncologist is going to write to the insurane companies. Has anyone had any success pushing a treatment through insurance? It sounds like an uphill battle.

We're also meeting with a radiation oncologist next week to discuss more treatment options. We are so grateful for the support and recommendations.

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Mattz.. I am so happpy that you have found this wonderful discussion board to seek support and information as your family battles cancer. You asked about what you can do in working with insurance companies....Insurance companies base their treatment or drug coverage criteria for chemo based on the published evidence from clinical studies that are published in peer reviewed medical journals. Ask your oncologist for the published study articles that supports the use of Doxil for endometrial cancer. Insurance companies  also look at respected professional oncological  concensus statements and guidelines,  and seek the expert opinion of oncologists in the community or nationally. Search a website called UptoDate or MDConsult and you might find some evidence. The insurance companies typically publishe the bibliography for the literature they used in determining their medical criteria. The insurance companies publish their medical coverage policies on the web. Search something like: Medical coverage criteria endometrial cancer. You also have the right to appeal to appeal any denial of coverage from an insurance company. You have first and second level appeals.  Go online and look at the NCCN guidelines for endometrial cancer. NCCN.com is the National Comprehensive Cancer Network. They have guidelines that oncologists follow for their treatment plans for different types of cancer including uterine cancer.  Keeping you and every family fighting endometrial cancer  in my prayers- Northwoodsgirl a survivor 3 years, 9 months

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The Foundation for Women's Cancer a list Gynecological Oncoligists around the country


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