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Dawne, Texasgirl10 update

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Let me first say I am sorry I have not updated sooner. I wish I had better news but, I still believe better news will be coming. Dawne continues to be in a lot of pain. She had a scan last week and the cancer has grown. She had a more extensive scan yesterday to see if it has spread anywhere else. She is still having problems with the blood clot and they are worried there may be more. We are waiting on the results from the scan to be sure of this. Dawne still continues to be an inspritation, somehow she always makes me feel better when I talk to her, thats Dawne! Dawne has a strong amazing faith. Please continue to keep her and family in your prayers. Prayers to all of you. Thank you all and God Bless.

                                                 (((hugs))) Janice


I will update as soon as I know more, hopefully today or tomorrow but as we know sometimes it is slower than we like

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I am so so sorry to hear that things are not going better for Dawne. Everytime I see the topic of her come up, I go to read the post hoping for better news. What an incredible lady. I sure hope things can turn around for her. She seems like such a delightful person.

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We all think of Dawne and her struggle with this awful disease.  I hope the scan will show no more blood clots and it has not progressed into other areas.

Thank you posting, Janice.

Best to you,


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It is very sweet of you to post on behalf of Dawne.  She remains in my prayers, as do you.  Hugs, Linda

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I am sorry that Dawne has to deal with so many troubles. I am praying that test results will be ok and it hasn't spread.

Thank you for an update and be well, you and Dawne!


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Thank you for the news, I hope it does get better!


Dawne IS an amazing woman!!!  And with strong faith, well, as one person put it recently, sometimes we must 'Let go, let God'....


I know I have...."Here are my hands, Lord.....Do with them what you will!"....


Hugs, Kathi

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As always, Dawn is in my prayers.  Thank you so much for the update!

Hugs, Debi

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Praying for Dawne!

New Flower
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Dawne always in my tthoughts praying for the best outcome 

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Prayers for Dawne --  Hoping things get better for her === 


As always, updates are appreciated so I want to Thank You, Janice for keeping us here informed and updated.


Vicki Sam

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I will keep Dawne and her family in my thoughts and send positive energy her way.



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