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carotid arteries

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Met with my cardio doctor today, back in 2008 I had a minor stroke that was attributed to a blocked left side carotid artery. Underwent an endarterectomy to have it cleaned it. Then I underwent radiation to the neck and I was moved from yearly check ups (ultrasound) of the carotids to six months, 2011 went back to yearly. Today was told arteries look good, no rad damage and no build up, see you in two years he said.

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That's wonderful....every 2 years is a decent interval between visits, I'd say Laughing.  Things are getting better nearly every week for you, it seems.  Can't get better than that!


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denis, thats super news!  i love it when people post good news.  u have reason to do a happy dance!  Laughing 


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2 years is 8 times better than 3 months (Matt logic).  I (cross my fingers) and look forward to longer periods between checkups.

Way to go!


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Does not get much better than that. Congrats again. don

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great to hear you did not get the possible side effects from the gift that keeps on giving. 

enjoy your two year break


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Glad to hear the good news my friend



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Great news! Nothing like clean pipes!


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D Lewis
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This is good to hear.  Watching my carotid arteries pretty closely.

Rock on.



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