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Root canal.....DONE!

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The root canal is DONE!  It was really nothing.  No pain, just a little uncomfortable.  Expensive as heck...but that's about it!  Now to eat soft foods for a couple of days and then an extraction next week.  Soft foods after that and then 4 cavities filled and a crown put on.  Getting a little sick of doctors/dentists/etc working on and in my mouth :)  I just wanted to post how all my post tx dental issues come along in case someone else is having similar issues.  The extraction and root canal are on the opposite side from where my surgeries and the bulk of the rads hit.  

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Glad all went well...

Did they give you the usual temp gritty putty crown for a few weeks, then you go back to have the actual crown glued on...?


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a couple more appointments and your mouth can be checked off the list as done!  Laughing  Things are getting closer and closer to normal.....or abi-normal.....either way, it's a good thing.

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Glad it went without any problems :-) 

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Tracy has momentum clear the way she's barreling through non stop. I still remember the days we had to give you a bit of a push to move you forward. Your making us proud, keep it up.


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 You are a determined woman!



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always nice to get those out of the way. 

i had extration approx. 4 years ago and this summer necrosis showed it's ugly head in that position

new game plan now for teeth they feel need to be extracted is to have root canal done, then cut the tooth off at gum line followed by mounding over. hopefully that will extend the time to have extracted and extend the time the necrosis may show up. 

everyone is different, i know that just sharing mine. 

good luck with yours


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