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20 yrs old plz talk

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my gf is 20 yrs of age and has had leukemia sins was 6, they put her on meds for sometime

but now the meds arent work and the white cells are gettin larger and worse, Im scared and so is she, she 

starts treatment thurs radation and chemo. any advise would be great i could use some thanks.

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i was diagnosed on my 15th birthday. I was under treatment in the hospital for 7 long months.

i remember that i even experienced coma.

one ing i remember for sure, is the immediate reaction of the psychological states. my blood crlls levels were changing everytime my friends were coming and visiting me, or when i was planning in details my going back in school, meet my friends or meet my crush.

as my doctor used to say, "keep her mind busy with things she likes". These sort of diseases are fought from the inside and the mind is one big weapon. 

I also suggest you to give her the book "the secret". It wasnt published when i was in her conditions and i discovered it recently. But, hell yeah i would have appreciated it back then.


wishing the best for you two

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please do talk to her doctor before she starts her treatments, about the fertility issues in the future. No girl would like to give up on being a parent

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I agree with you. I wish I could go back in time and think about fertility during my chemo. I was 17 and scared for my life and had one thing in mind...living. After my last round of chemo, i was told that I can't have kids. There are options but I just didn't use them. So please look into the options prior to treatment. 

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