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Low Total Cholesterol

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I just have my lab tests back. My lipids are as follow:

Trygliceride 43, range <150

Total Cholesterol 109, range 125-200

HDL 53, range > or = 46

LDL 47, range < 130

I am concerned about my total cholesterol being so low.

Anyone with the ame experience?

I am calling my doctor tomorrow!

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Hi! It seems like you are one of the few who don't have issues with cholestrol. What did your doctor tell you? They can always rerun it. Labs do make mistakes sometimes....Northwoodsgirl

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Well, my PCP told me not to worry about it, because 109 was a good number for someone who is not in medication for cholesterol.

However, I read online that is dangerous to have cholesterol that low. I have a six month check up with my oncologist next month. He has to see my restults, so I will ask his opinion as well.

Many Blessings!

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I think you and I had our lab tests around the same time.  My total cholesterol was slightly high at 210 but like you, my primary doc told me not to worry about it because my HDL cholesterol (the good cholesterol) was very good and my LDL (the bad cholesterol) was very much in the normal range.  I'm no medical expert but it appears to me that your HDL is very good too and your LDL is in the normal range which may be why your PCP said not to worry.  Always good though to get that second opinion from your oncologist.

Take care,


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