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Surprise Pathology Report

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Today I had my first post-op appointment with the cancer surgeon. I had small but agressive cancer in right breast only but decided on double mastectomy to eliminate constant worry that cancer would come back or spread to other side. Pathology showed right breast cancer free, lymph nodes clear, so no radiation or chemo needed. Yay!! Imagine my surprise to hear that the "good left side" without cancer actually DID have cancer plus it was a bit more advanced than the one we knew about. It did not show up in the screening mammogram, the magnification mammogram, or the MRI. I'm shocked! If I hadn't decided on the bilateral mastectomy, I would have waited until next year to have a mammogram on the breast I had left. By that time, it could have been too late. My decision really was the right one and I didn't realize how right it was.

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Have often wondered From reading this board, have learned of other who had bi-lat mastectomies where they found it in both, and/or where a second cancer, such as lobular showed up in the 'clear' breast. Glad to know that your instinct was right.
Congrats on no chemo or radiation. I love hearing about good outcomes.
MRI's and mammos dont see everything, yet without them so many of us would not have known until it wass too late.

Time to do the happy dance,

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And congratulations on no chemo and no rads. Did you have lobular carcinoma in your left breast? I am asking because lobular carcinoma is sometimes hard to see on mammos and it often goes to both sides. My pathology report after mastectomy of my right breast also showed invasive ductal carcinoma plus invasive lobular carcinoma which was a total surprise because mammo and us didn't show the lobular, it showed just ductal carcinoma. So I decided to have mastectomy for my left breast too and I am just waiting for the surgery. We'll see if it will be clear.


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Yes, my "hidden" cancer was lobular. So glad you made the decision to go ahead with the second mastectomy. You won't be sorry. I pray all will go well. Keep us informed.

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I had Lobular on right and they found it on left when plastic surgeon reduced my good breast to match the other side.  The material he took away was analyzed as a matter of course and there it was.  So a month later mastectomy on other side.  


Lobular is tricky and nothing showed up on yearly mamos I had had for ten years or so, this is normal for this type of cancer making it dangerous.  I am happy bilateral done on three monthly injection to close down ovaries.  ER positive age 57.  Hopeall goes well for you from now on.

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Talk about the importance of following your instincts


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Glad you found out before it was to late.

Best to you,



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Great to hear your news, Sandra.  Linda

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Thank goodness you listened to that inner voice.  Hope you continue to do well.  So good you did not need chemo or radiation in any case.  Welcome,


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So glad you caught them both in early stages and that you are on the way to healing, that is very good news!!!



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