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A date is set

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October 9th... Robotic hysterectomy and lymph removal.
Glad i have a date. Ready to go.. Lets get this over with.
The stress and nerves alnost got me this week.
The waiting for test results. Now the waiting for surgery.

My thoughts are with you all <3

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You are on my calendar so I'll remember to send positive vibes your way on that day.  Hope you get the best case scenario.

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I too had DaVincI Robotic surgery.  I had 25 lymph nodes removed.  My surgery was 6 hours long, so it is a much longer surgery than the open hysterectomy.  The recovery period is much easier than the open surgery.  I went home the next day.  Had minimal pain.  Getting moving after surgery is very important.    I can certainly understand your anxiety.   You will be in my thoughts and prayers for  successful surgery on October 9.  In peace and caring.

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A piece of cake.  Went home the next day.  Hope all goes well with you.  Please let us know how you are doing.  Don't worry it is really a magnificent breakthrough in technology.

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Thank you ladies!!
This, in a short time has changed me in some very positive ways. Bitter sweet.
I'm not as nervous about the surgery... Helps hearing about you ladies who have done it.
For a,minute i got caught up in reading too much on the internet... Was giving myself stress.

Thank you all for your strength and courage and kindness.

Taking life day by day. It's a good life.


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Since you are going for your hysterectomy and lymph node, are you getting a total hysterectomy?   Also, see if they are removing your omentum and appendix.   It would probably be a good idea to do it while they are doing the hysterectomy.   Some doctors like to remove those items to help prevent recurrences.    They didn't realize I had cancer until after my hysterectomy and so I had to have another surgery for staging which at that time they removed lymph nodes, omentum and appendix.   I was 45 years old at the time (53 now).

I had the "classic" surgery and did very well and back on my feet within a few days.   Having robotic surgery should even be quicker.   However, although you may feel fine, don't over do it!    Take it easy for several weeks.   

My best to you.   


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Like Kaleena said check to make sure if they are removing the other items.  I had my omentum removed because my gyn onc dr said that the cancer cells like to go to the fat cells in there.  When she said that I said Oh Sh$t I am in trouble because I am a big girl and have lots of fat cells.  My dr just looked at me and shook her head.  She thinks I am funny.  Anyway I will mark it on my calendar and send postivie thoughts to you that day. trish

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Thanks ladies!
In 2011 i had one ovary and both tubes removed.. This surgery was to remove a large fibroid, clean up scar tissue, remove a cyst from an ovary.
1976 appendicitis... Appendix gone

This will be the remaining ovary(which has a cyst), a fluid filled mass, uterus(2tumors inside), lymph node possibility.. Dr. says he likes to go ahead and remove them.
I will talk to him about the omentum.

Anxious and nervous: is it ok to take something? It comes and goes.

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I had this surgery also and got along great. I was ready for discharge by 6am the next morning,what little post op pain I had was very controllable.I was home the next day with 2 daughters 2 grandchildren and 1 sister in bed with me. I hope you get along just as well,I'll be thinking about you on the big day.  

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Try to stay in the moment and breath in deep.  Cancer tends to move our minds to the dark side, but we have the control to push our minds to happy thoughts.  Not easy, but nothing in the world is worth the stress and upset we put on ourselves.  

I remind myself the number of times I've gotten in a craze of worry, only to find the results were fine.  

We'll be thinking of your and pray all is good!!!





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Thank you Jan! It's been a crazy few weeks. My mind is gone... As far as the one i had prior to 8/22..
My mind is filled with medical terminology and questions and wonders.
What should i eat, is this had, is that etc. yes, we sure can worry ourselves.
I got a copy today of my pathology report... Brain is tired.

I'm glad to have others to share with.
Thank you for being so strong, thank you for your kind words! Thank you!

Hugs to you,

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I am SO glad I had this surgery - quicker recovery.  I did feel really bloated after the surgery - it felt like my underpants were going to cut me in half!  LOL!!!  (Go COMANDO!) Plan on loose clothes and you will be fine.  I agree with the other ladies on having your omentum removed - think of it as a tummy tuck.  Cancer cells are happy in that fat so the doctors usually take that as well.  If they didn't mention it then ask. 

The internet will make you crazy if you let it, I am only sorry I found this site so late in my treatment.  This is about the only good part of the internet so good for you! 

So HAPPY to hear you have a date.  This is just another step in your journey, and one step at a time.

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