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Need more blood

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Joined: Sep 2011

Ive gone two weeks without having to get a blood transfusion. My rectum bleeding had come stop since getting high duty radiation. I guess my  body can't produce blood quick enough. So the plan is to get three units tomorrow. I also had a shot   To boost my hemo today.  Pray all this helps. Three months into my fifth year of stage four. So I guess this is part of the battle. Stay strong my friends. Jeff

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This works! You stay strong as well!


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Joined: Oct 2011

Jeff, Don't worry about us staying strong. Just worry about yourself staying which you have shown us that you are EXTREMELY strong.

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Joined: Aug 2012

Prayers for you Jeff. I hope you are feeling ok.

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Do what you gotta do. If not contraindicated have some dark veggies: blackberries, blueberries, beets maybe even a glass of dark red wine if ok'd by the docs to boost your hemoglobin production. 

Hang in there till things get better.


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Stay Strong Steve!   Cancer is a lot of little battles. You will do well.


We are sending our thoughts and prayers for your strength! 

Best Always,  mike

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Stay strong my friend.

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Joined: May 2012


Focus on your own healing for now.  

Stay as positive as possible.

Hangon Jeff, hangon.  


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Hey Jeff,

I just wanted to say that I've been thinking about you and send you my best wishes that things will turn around for you.

All my best,


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Joined: Dec 2012

Best wishes coming your way Jeff. And Cyndy, I just love this cat portrait!


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Joined: Oct 2011

Are you feeling any better?  I had to get those things several times when in tx, and they did help.  Hope this gives you a boost as well.

Hugs coming your way~AA

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Hey Jeff,


I really hope things soon turn around.  Five years at stage four.  Another tremendous success story.



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So sorry that you are going through all this.  I'm praying that you get a good turn around to feeling better soon.


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Posts: 887
Joined: Sep 2011

Thanks everyone for all your support through this cancer battle. Without my wife and immediate family and all of you I'm sure I wouldn't be here typing. I see my onc again on tues so I will have new counts.   I'm always nervous now becauses there aren't too many alternatives

.thanks again Jeff 

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I will be thinking of you on Tuesday and hoping that your counts are up. 


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