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Dear Craig,

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There is no day going by that I don't think about you and I'm sure we can multiply that by a few dozen on this forum. We know you are going through tough days and that is the reason we don't want to bother you. However when you feel up to it please drop us a line, especially since by now you should have had your piece published.

Hoping you are doing allright and waiting for your response.

Laz and The Gang


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I am not sure if the Sept/Oct edition of this magazine is available yet.  When I checked on-line at the subscription page they listed the July/Aug contents as the most current edition.

I will do some more checking, as I know everyone here is anxious to see Craig published.

Marie who loves kitties

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Thank you Marie!  That is awesome! 

Also hoping all is well Craig .. thinking of you every day as well!



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Laz you beat me to it. Craig we miss you and are very concerned. Please check in even if it is just a few words.

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Thinking of you every day and hoping you feel well enough to join us soon

If anyone gets their hands on Craigs article...can you scan and post for us?

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think of you dear Craig!




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