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A must read

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This is an interesting perspective on cancer care. Our site & others are more important than ever. 


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Thanks Adman, this was a very sober eye opening article.  I believe it wholeheartedly, as my mom's onc was only used to prescrbing Sutent even though there were at least 5 other drugs out there at the time.  And then Votrient hit the market and we wanted that but he wanted to stick with the only drug he knew, which was Sutent.  Patients really have to keep on their toes as far as what is out there. I know there are some who are very scared when hear the word cancer and they just rely on their doctors, but for their own sake they have to be in the know.  Great article!

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Eskimo lily
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Fully agree with what ange said. Thanks Adam for sharing with us! We absolutely have to be our own advocates for the best care.

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It really hits home on how important this forum is for people. While we have many members who strive to learn more about our disease, there has to be tens of thousands that get the wrong treatment or no treatment at all because their community hospital is not equiped to handle cancer or isn't familiar with recent treatment options.



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