Always ask...Never take anything for granted !!!!

When you go to the Dr. and they say something you are not sure of...don't take for granted you know what they mean. You may have the thought go thru your head that they will think you are stupid, but forget that. You may find out you were stupid for not asking. I learned the hard way. Years ago I was working for a television new scoop channel. My job was to get all the action photos as soon as they were available. I called the airport and chartered a small plane to fly me over a wild fire in the south west. They told me the plane would be waiting to go. I got to the airport and setting on the runway was a small plane ready to go.  I jumped in and we took off. It was a rough take off, but that was Ok, I was in a hurry. I told the pilot after we up in the air about 2,000 feet to head to the wild fires. He asked me why !!! I explained to him I was in a hurry and I have to get there as quick as possible. He stuttered a bit and said, "I guess I can take that as you are not my Flight Instructor".Need I say more. !!!!! 


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    Not taking things for granted is a good life lesson no matter what the occasion. How many times have I been frustrated by a false assumption on my part?!

    Fortunately, I don't worry about looking stupid in front of doctors. I know that I am more knowledgeable about some subjects than they are. Just a couple of weeks ago, a doctor was explaining a condition I have to me. After he finished, I did not understand. I simply gave him my dumb look and asked, "What did you just say"? He very patiently broke it down for me in simpler terms. That is one of the reasons we pay them out the nose, right?

    I'm glad the rookie pilot got you landed safely. But did you get your fire shots?




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    A friend was in a major teaching hospital a year ago for extremely out-of-wack blood chemistry. He was disoriented the whole time, and could not speak for himself, and had no family visit.  At discharge, as he was being sent to a rehab facility, I asked the RN if his cancer meds would be changed, because he had had (at that time) Prostate cancer for 12 years, and had been late stage four for about two years.  

    She looked at his records on the computer, and said, "We have no indication that he HAS cancer, or receives cancer treatment. This is the first time I have heard of this."

    Or:  In 2007, in a TV statement widely distributed around the word, candidate B. Obama stated that he had  worked very hard, "visiting 57 states, and had two more to get to." I verified this a moment ago at Snopes, and it is on tape to watch at YouTube.

    It does indeed pay to ask questions.  Talk with your handlers.

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    Story for Granted

    While I have learned to be suspect of your stories...especially this one because it is quite amusing...but the lesson is dead on!


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    Shoopy said:

    Story for Granted

    While I have learned to be suspect of your stories...especially this one because it is quite amusing...but the lesson is dead on!


    You got me!!!!


     I thought it would be amusing to share this. In reality I am scared to death of flying. If that would have really happened to me I wouldn't be here today telling it. I would have dropped dead right there in the plane. Just thought I would spread a little laugh today. To be honest it is getting rather hard for me to answer some of the replies that are posted. I have been here since May of 2010 and some of the questions are getting rough and a little complicated for me to answer anymore. If something comes up I will jump right in. Until then I will just try to keep spirits up. Some of the members need a laugh once in a while and that includes me. It makes me feel good to hear that someone got a laugh for the day. I never miss a day checking the post. John