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up-date~~Live Strong

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Had my evaluation yesterday for the new group at the Y, I did fairly well, have been having trouble with my lower legs while walking, so the 6 minute walking test didn't go too good, HOWEVER, I pressed 100 lbs with my legs, 75lbs arms, balanced on each foot singlely for 4 minutes...the classes start 9/23, I'm excited to go back and meet my classmates..there will be exercise,including swimming,nutrition classes,speakers on various topics...I told my husband, I may not be able to run and catch you, but, if I do, I can definately kick your a$$

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wtg grandma!!!  u will be the star classmate!


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to do!  I'm impressed with the amount of weight you can press....my gawd, 75 lbs with your arms???  However, what REALLY has me impressed is your balance!  Back in my heavy yoga days, I could stand like a crane forever....today if I last 30 seconds I'm waving my arms like a helicopter, trying to stay upright. 

Tell hubby once you've been doing this a while you WILL be able to catch him, and an a$$ whooping is guarenteed....LOL.


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That's awesome!!  You are very strong...I work in a gym and I can leg press some big numbers, but I have hardly any upper body strength!  You go!!  That's GREAT!!

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I’ll give you a signed picture of me in my mask if you press Phrannie above your head while she waves her arms like a helicopter.

Waiting in Oregon,


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as tiny as Phrannie is, I could probably hold her over my head, standing on 1 foot :)


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You are so upbeat and can do !  I laughed at Matt's post....goodness pressing P over the head.  I am very much inspired by you woman !  Hee-hee I thought I was doing good walking 6 blocks today.  Keep on keeping on Gx4...and continue the great job !  (I have to interject.....don't over due it though).  Hugs sent !  Katie

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