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Hey everyone :)

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Joined: Jun 2013

Hey everyone hope all is well....i go back for a CT next week for pain in side. Lets hope its just pain from surgery (july 1st).  I would be lost if it wasnt for you all getting me through the initial middle and all other phases of this.  Cool

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Hey Pauley....glad to hear from you!  Yes, the pain is most likey the recent surgery/healing.  Hope you get good news, please let us know how you are doing. Beautiful family you got there! XXOO

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Just think, three months ago you were a newbie with a new question every day.  Now you are almost an expert on all this post surgery fun. Hopefully the CT will turn out fine. Stick around while we show the newcomers the ropes now that you have been initated to the club.


By the way, how was that week resting at the beach a week or two after surgery. I had thought that may have been too nuch for you. Hopefully I was wrong.




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Good luck with your CT scan! I'm hoping for good results for you!



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Praying that it turns out well.

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Rock out on that scan!  Stick around and be a part of all this!

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Hoping and praying your scan will be clear for you Pauley13!

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expect good results. Get ready for a new care plan. Kick butt!

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